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for Rimuru And Iruma's Adventures In The Netherworld

8/11/2023 c1 Ja1w
Man it's been 21 days before you uploaded please upload new chapter
8/3/2023 c4 Nyter086
Update soon please!
8/1/2023 c3 Nyter086
I can't wait for what's to come haha.
7/29/2023 c103 Nyter086
The chapter is very entertaining. Completely enjoy as Rimuru annoying Baal hehehe. I can't wait for the next chapter and the start of the festival that promises a lot too.
7/18/2023 c1 Nyter086
Update soon please!
7/15/2023 c102 Nyter086
I can't wait for the next chapter, the festival starts soon.
7/5/2023 c102 Season4
I'm curious are you going to stop at the anime or are you going to go into the manga?
7/4/2023 c102 Guest
This chapter was amazing I can't wait for next chapter thank you for making this amazing chapter
7/2/2023 c101 Nyter086
Please update soon, the excitement is great :)
6/25/2023 c101 6Princess Asuna
I think it would be hilarious if Bachiko had a crush on Rimaru now lol
6/22/2023 c101 TeamT
Thank you for the extra long chapter i real enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work. :D
6/17/2023 c100 Nyter086
Very good chapter, I look forward to another super long one, including the reveal of Rimuru's tutor and maybe some of his "training" with this one.
6/7/2023 c100 RTOmega
100 chapters, neat.
6/6/2023 c100 kseron345
(p。・・q)。.:*Happy anniversary to us!*:.。(p・・。q)
Author, every chapter brings a smile to my face!
6/5/2023 c100 TeamT
Great chapter and that ending.

Keep up the good work. :D
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