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for Rimuru And Iruma's Adventures In The Netherworld

6/6/2023 c100 kseron345
(p。・・q)。.:*Happy anniversary to us!*:.。(p・・。q)
Author, every chapter brings a smile to my face!
6/5/2023 c100 TeamT
Great chapter and that ending.

Keep up the good work. :D
6/5/2023 c100 6Princess Asuna
loved the update!
6/1/2023 c99 Nyter086
This extra chapter is very entertaining, I just wish the next one was very long as a way to celebrate your 100th chapter! I can not wait.
5/27/2023 c98 Nyter086
I am very happy to finally return to the underworld stage, as I would like you to update again this weekend since I cannot wait for what is coming, especially to find out who will be Rimuru's tutor.
5/23/2023 c99 TeamT
I think the problem with the resent filler chapters is that they don’t take place with in the netherworld which if I’m being honest I find a lot more interesting, manly due to the fact that the interaction between the characters are extremely entertaining. When you then take away the interesting characters and the funny character interactions it feels more like a slog fest, we’re we’re just waiting to get back to the netherworld. Pls don’t think of this comment as just hate, I love this story.

Keep up the good work. :D
5/22/2023 c99 AverageDecayingWinterSuffering
Ssshhh Don't mind me, I am just sitting here reloading musket with blessed gun powder and blessed silver bullets
5/22/2023 c99 Misaka Phenex
I like the title
5/21/2023 c98 Hex2429
I honestly don't mind more filler-ey stuff. If you want to write a beach chapter, write a beach chapter! Shenanigans are always fun.
5/11/2023 c97 Princess Asuna
hehe seems Hinata has a soft spot for Iruma
5/9/2023 c97 shravankacher47
When you start season 3 put it on chapter name I will skip all filler please no offense to story it is very good but it is not good as much when it was 1 to 70 chapters

Thanks for writing chapters I appreciate that
Keep the good work \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/ \(-ㅂ-)/
5/8/2023 c97 1The Great Dullahan
Why did you use they/their wjen you wrote about Aoki, you should use his, since they and their is used to many people not a singular person like aoki
5/8/2023 c97 TeamT
Great chapter, but it does feel like this section of the story is dragging out a bit to much however i under stand that it is important for Iruma to properly understand and learn how to use his skills.

Keep up the good work. :D
5/6/2023 c96 Nyter086
It was a very good chapter, I think it's more or less a good way to end this break in tempest before going back to the underworld, that will be very good for sure.
4/24/2023 c96 RTOmega
That was a great Prologue, amazing character development. The first person of a slime that is an actual slime.
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