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for Rimuru And Iruma's Adventures In The Netherworld

5/8/2023 c97 1The Great Dullahan
Why did you use they/their wjen you wrote about Aoki, you should use his, since they and their is used to many people not a singular person like aoki
5/8/2023 c97 TeamT
Great chapter, but it does feel like this section of the story is dragging out a bit to much however i under stand that it is important for Iruma to properly understand and learn how to use his skills.

Keep up the good work. :D
5/6/2023 c96 Nyter086
It was a very good chapter, I think it's more or less a good way to end this break in tempest before going back to the underworld, that will be very good for sure.
4/24/2023 c96 RTOmega
That was a great Prologue, amazing character development. The first person of a slime that is an actual slime.
4/24/2023 c93 Seralai
2 chapters. I went to the site and see 2 new chapters! THANK YOU, MU1622!
4/23/2023 c96 ashedsabastain
For once someone used the correct term hyperthermia is heatstroke and hypothermia is when you freeze to death.
4/23/2023 c96 The Great Dullahan
So aoki tempest good name, i was hoping to see Shinsa here, i mean that way you dont have to do a OC, but let see how Aoki grow
4/23/2023 c69 ShittingFlysTown's Snakelord
Haha, chapter 69 is here!
4/22/2023 c96 6Princess Asuna
So why exactly does Rimaru's kid not like Iruma? And wiil they eventually warm up to Iruma?
4/22/2023 c95 Princess Asuna
Just my two cents but i found Gabiru's Poem to Aoki to be sweet and charming, and it really made me smile
4/22/2023 c21 Kyle Bayan
This is reminding me of the intervals in the end of each episode of "welcome to demon school iruma"
4/11/2023 c94 1The Great Dullahan
I really hope that the child is Shinsha from slime tensei mobile game, but i am surprised that Milim, that usually appear in yhis type of momments , Shuna and Shion didnt fight to have a child with Rimuru
4/11/2023 c93 The Great Dullahan
4/10/2023 c94 Guest
4/10/2023 c94 Guest
kid named John Slime
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