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for Rimuru And Iruma's Adventures In The Netherworld

4/10/2023 c94 kseron345
Incredible name! :D
4/10/2023 c94 6Princess Asuna
calling it now Guy is showing up, and Rimaru WONT be happy
4/9/2023 c94 Tyufvfv
I’m guessing the name is gonna be Shinsha (after rimuru’s daughter im the Tensura mobile game) or Cynthia (apparently the official translation of Shinsha from the game’s files)
4/9/2023 c94 Misaka Phenex
so is this shinsha
4/9/2023 c85 Misaka Phenex
Ah raine my second favourite demon after ultima
4/9/2023 c94 Kinto
Is he going to be able to attend School after this?
4/9/2023 c94 RTOmega
Would be epic if Rimuru's (daughter?) was named Riel. After Rimuru x Ciel.
4/7/2023 c6 4ObeRun
... granddaughter... bruh
4/7/2023 c6 ObeRun
Lmao, he finally said it kek
4/7/2023 c5 ObeRun
She... yeah. Wtf man. This misunderstanding should cease you know...
4/2/2023 c93 6Princess Asuna
why do i feel this whole chapter was an April fools joke?
3/30/2023 c93 Urahara-Kisuk3
Such a good chapter. I really liked how Ciel got loose for once. So, she should allow Rimuru to drink without the hangover.
3/29/2023 c93 shravankacher47
This chapter was fire I absolutely love it
This was so good that I cried tears of joy man I absolutely love this series ヽ()ノ(*.*)
3/27/2023 c93 Guest
My guess is that it’s System of Links for Immediate Measures Emissions (S.L.I.M.E.)
3/27/2023 c93 Indighost
I knew that slime was way too omnipresent to be just a running gag.
Dragon interaction are always cool drunk Ciel?
oh and Justice4Velodra
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