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for Momo no Tsukaima

8/23 c1 1RANGER1863
Really an interesting idea, the reincarnation for a later meeting is something that I had never seen in a story, very original

I loved the chapter, I will look forward to the other updates
8/12 c4 ICBPenguin
This was an absolute blast to read, and I hope you continue it!
7/14 c4 PEJP BengtZone V2
I hope that Saito are familiar with Marvel and DC enough to make superhero references.

I hope he can call out on Izuku for using politics as an excuse to justify ignoring the difference between fascism and patriotism, as well as reminding him of the difference between competence and intelligence.

All Might used passion as an excuse to justify lacking the competence to match his intelligence.

Also, I hope Saito is familiar enough with D&D to use the comparison between sorcerers and wizards to draw a parallel to Izuku and the others.
7/12 c3 PEJP BengtZone V2
Should we interpret Saito's statement as that his world is similar enough to ours in regards of iconic media?

Since Izuku has blood type O, he has the means to be a universal donor regarding blood transfusion, so maybe they could come across a medical kit including First Aid and a blood transfusion set.
I just hope he can use willpower to avoid passing on the quirk by accident, even if the DNA signature is weak inside the majority of blood cells.

Are you going to feature the twist of there being potential "bio-anomalies" in Halkeginia, similar to mutants?
For example, you could have someone with "swim skin" (webbed hands and feet) and/or gills.
Another example could be some with:
1. A third eye in the center of their forehead.
2. A secondary pair of arms right underneath the primary pair.
3. Maybe even let one have a second pair of hands for feet.

For all we know, there could be dragon-blooded humans if Rhyme Dragons were able to assimilate into the human race, causing there to be latent gargoylesque lizard folk among the humans, with Kirche being a main suspect in that regard.
And with "gargoylesque", I mean 'humanoid dragons in form of winged lizardmen'.
7/12 c2 PEJP BengtZone V2
In the light novel, the portal came with an enchantment that allowed the summoned being, Saito Hiraga, to become infused with Louise's vocabulary.

I hope that Izuku and perhaps Saito, as well, becomes infused with a Spirit's Tear from the Water Spirit of Lagdorian Lake, which in turn the Water Spirit herself could use as a beacon-like conduit for her spirit magic, allowing her to get thorough mapping of their respective physiology, while perhaps sharing her collective memories and knowledge with the two of them.

Think of it as a baptism-like equivalent for a Mind Meld.
7/12 c1 PEJP BengtZone V2
So you decided to create an OC that is like a composite character of Momo Yaoyorozu and Montmorency?
Does this include Siesta, perhaps, into the mixture?

The contract ritual should not be able to indoctrinate Izuku thanks to the nature of his meta ability.
7/9 c4 9Emrys Akayuki
Nah, way OOC, not my thing, good luck with it though
7/9 c1 Emrys Akayuki
Eh, bit dark, but I'll see where it goes
7/7 c4 Logical-Tadkins
This is an awesome story and probably one of the best FOZ/MHA crossovers I've seen done well! Love the pacing and characterization. Can't wait for the next chapter
6/26 c1 Nineball Cirno-Achi Cirno
I find it surprising you made a Montmorency Valliere AU when she normally isn't a Valliere. Then again it's your fanfic so I'm not one to judge.
6/26 c4 Guest
I had forgotten agnes had a lack of chill
6/26 c4 Harleking31
Yooo, nice

I hadn't seen this be updated in ages
6/26 c4 Matt
Am i the only one that thinks little dark age fits this Izuku?
4/16 c3 CDBB123
This one is great too! Hope you update it if you ever find the time.
2/14 c1 Idea
Hello random familiar zero x shonen writer. I have a suggestion for you: why not make a demon slayer x familiar zero crossover story? It has come to my notice that there is very few demon slayer crossovers lately, so I plan to speak up and give ideas to random crossovers who may or may not have seen demon slayer. If you are someone that has seen it, than I hope you can create a demo slayer x familiar zero xover in the future someday.
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