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6/22 c2 Angelmagnet
good on Bella. enjoy
6/20 c1 Angelmagnet
This is different, but interesting
5/28 c54 Lyndseyxx
Enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!
3/27 c38 Guest
Horny Bella just eww
2/5 c52 debb lavoie
Love how you wrote your story. Love this Bella and how she stood up for herself.
2/5 c49 debb lavoie
2/5 c44 debb lavoie
Yay, glad they didn't waste the opportunity.
2/5 c40 debb lavoie
Wow, Edward laid his feelings bare. If that doesn't change Bella's mind...
2/5 c38 debb lavoie
I was about yo be angry at Bella. Two wrongs don't make a right.
2/5 c37 debb lavoie
Edward is doing better. He's trusting Bella more.
2/5 c33 debb lavoie
Yeah, hard for Bella to know which Edward is real.
2/5 c31 debb lavoie
Please tell me Angela is not a spy.
2/5 c29 debb lavoie
Poor Edward, so broken.
2/5 c28 debb lavoie
I hope Bella stays with the Cullens.
2/5 c25 debb lavoie
A great talk with Jasper.
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