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for Huntress Of The Skies

9/11 c1 annalaura.polo
Huntress Of The Skies give up ?
let the couple be wendy / Pyrrha Nikos

and that Pyrrha Nikos stay alive
8/1 c1 Perseus D. Uzumaki
I am excited for this story, Wendy is my favorite from Fairy Tail. I didn't particularly enjoyed the show I did like some of the magic and characters. I like how Wendy seems to have lived some time in Remnant since I think she was quite young when the time jump happened. I am interested to see how her powers will be explained to others since they have multiple usages. Short but got me interested for more since you so far we only have Wendy and I going to be honest sort of hope it stays that way.
7/17 c1 Guest
I hope wendy is already apart of fairy tail if not I'm fucking dropping this.
7/16 c1 Guest
She better have her fairy tail stamp on her or I'm fucking leaving.
7/16 c1 Guest
Having no birth permit in remnant sound believable to me considering a decent town's probably dont have records and how many go missing by grim and bandits.
7/14 c1 Guest
im guessing the fact she thinks grandeeny abandoned heris the reason she will not use the magic, that or it is the last thing she has of grandeeny and since ethernano is not prevalent in this world to replenish her magic every time she uses it results in her losing her magic
7/7 c1 6Rougedragon
cool start, I'm always happy to see more wendy centered fics, she's my favorite character from fairy tail, and I'm even more excited to see her be a badass in another world.

From what I can understand in the story so far (as well as my limited knowledge on fairy tail) wendy ended up in remnant no doubt due to some glitch in the time magic that sends her and her fellow dragon slayer 300 years into the present in cannon and ended up sending her to remnant instead. and considering how Wendy seems to resent her magic I'm guessing she had a bad life even worst than the one she had in cannon. interesting idea, I can see this as a unique way to grow wendy's character throughout the story, as well as a way to prevent her from becoming insanely OP from the beginning (we all know how strong she got throughout the course of just about a year or two).

I hope to see more. stay safe.
7/6 c1 Kixtia
Here we go, hope that this fic dont hiatus or cancel.

This is a nice introduction
7/3 c1 Mr.Questioner
I am usually a guest, but i figure, why not go with instead.

You better deliver the official flashback/prologue...of,

Who-What-When-Where-Why-How, exactly,

7/1 c1 Guest the second
Ah yes I love when I begin walking home and then arrive on my bed.
6/30 c1 Guest
interesting start, i will wait and see how it goes before deciding my opinion about the story
7/1 c1 truthful one
Intriguing plot looking forward to future update
6/30 c1 SuperSaiyanFever
Okay, for starters, what in blazes is WENDY FRIGGIN' MARVELL even doing on Remnant? Someone screw up a transport-type spell?
6/30 c1 Argorok
Interesting story so far, please keep keep up the good work.

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