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for Gate - Thus Gensokyo Joined the Battle

9/4 c1 ngjunhao10
is this fanfic involving the modern human world.
8/1 c1 Daoist Crystal
Woah this story is really good, dayum I'm a Touhou fans and I like this, can't wait for the next chapter.
7/20 c1 3RiflemanOfRBLX
youd better continue this or ill delete your kneecaps おまえわばか!:(

signed, RiflemanOfRBLX.
7/15 c1 4JaphetSkie
Welp, they're fucked.
7/15 c1 palver7
This is an interesting interpretation on how the fear and belief of humans empower magical beings of Gensokyo unintentionally. I would like to see what would happen when JSDF saw the other gate on Falmart.

Actually, I have been wishing to see how Delilah will interact (not fight) with Reisen Udongein or any other rabbits of Gensokyo. I hope your story will get to that point.
7/10 c1 Guest
Just random guy 117 you asking for touhou to not be op is ridiculous the touhou franchise characters are ridiculously strong some of the characters are fucking gods for fuck sake.
7/10 c1 Guest
More plez.
7/5 c1 RizomataNyan
bruh falmart is fucked, not only do they have the jsdf to worry about now they also gonna be fighting girls with world breaking power
Hardy better watch her/his back lest a door or gap appear behind her and get killed
7/5 c1 dan014seroja
Will the lunarian appear in the story.I also hope that earth gods appear because it is easy for them to get faith after the appearance of gate.
7/2 c1 Just a random guy117
Like the first chapter. I just hope you don’t have the people from touhou be to op. Would like to see evenly conflict from people from the modern world and touhou and not have people that they face being steamrolled. The only exception would be the fantasy world from gate because let’s being honest, the people from there are really weak unless you buff their world that would be cool.
7/2 c1 Albirmsam
Yes! Finally I have been waiting for a Gensokyo vs "other world". And of what I have seen this far, this will be Good. Hope you keep up the good work!
7/1 c1 1Warthogs309
Only one chapter and I've already become hooked. I loved this fic! I have a slight problem with how the characters talk, but that's only really a problem with me. Everything so far is as good as its gonna get! All I can really say is "Please write more!"
7/1 c1 3697014
I hope there's more! Touhou, while cute and lighthearted, but has undertones of darkness to it, most youkai eat humans(prime Example Rumia) and some text stories were quite mature. anyway, this story is interesting, The general overpowered-ness of Touhou will surely be fun to read!
7/1 c1 naufalrakha0104
Oho this is entertaining... Cant wait for next chapter
7/1 c1 FanBoy01
We need more Gate crossovers.
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