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for Galactic Upheaval

12/29/2022 c14 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
It’d be interesting if we see the Turians get help rebuilding from the humans like the Americans helped the Japanese after WW2
12/24/2022 c14 Robin
I want to see the aftermath, the Turians where basically the main police/military arm of the council. Them leaving it would have massive repercussions to the Citadel species as a whole. The Terminus, Batarians and anything else that opposes the Citadel basically has free reign to raid their space and cause a crapton of chaos.
12/13/2022 c1 ImNobodyImportant
Oil and Steel? On Mars? One requires life and the other is man-made? There are these random ass deposits on a planet that lacks the capacity of producing them? How does that make any sense?
12/5/2022 c14 shypunk
i kind of want the turians to become client stats till they are trusted enough to be a member of the humans galactic republic
12/4/2022 c14 11OMAC001
Whelp, this is a major change in canon. Can't wait to see what else changes!
12/4/2022 c14 Dasgun
12/4/2022 c14 ShadowCub
Liking this...but can we not have humans making friend with the aliens?
It was so unbelievable, they tried to enslave all humans and a few years down the road A Shephard is literally in bed with them? They are the enemy now and forever.

Thanks for the update, I really needed it.
12/4/2022 c14 Shadow Walker of Fire
Great chapter. Seeing a post war chapter would be nice, to see how the rest of the galaxy is doing after some time has passed since the Turian surrender. Like how the other galactic governments and/or the Citadel Council as a whole are doing. Perhaps even decades or a century later someone, human or alien, could be watching a history channel documentary about the 'Human-Turian War', either at home or at school.

As for the battle, I'm leaning more towards the Battle of Artemis III, but I can go either way. You could also put it in a previous chapter page like '7. Bad News' or wherever it fits best.

Best of luck, wishes, and prayers to you and your future stories.
12/4/2022 c14 MarauderPrime12
Meat grinder plz
12/4/2022 c14 4Coment9
Hell on Atlantis.
12/4/2022 c14 Blazeknight26
Would like to see a few post war chapters p
12/4/2022 c14 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
12/4/2022 c14 fresh prince1
Kinda hoping for maybe 2 post war chapters
12/4/2022 c14 StrandedTrooper901
My vote goes towards the battles of Artemis III.
12/4/2022 c14 M1stymix
How about using the battles for flashback of some main characters or semi important characters that participated in the battle or where battles that legends were born
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