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6h c4 Ruizenban
another good fic discovered, hope you update it soon, this or heart of stone.
10/25 c4 Guest
This is awsome. Please make more
10/25 c4 Guest
I always end up laughing maniacally while reading your stories.

That atlas fleet is about to cease existence
10/25 c4 PXgi
Atlas shows up and intimidates exactly nobody. Love the story, nice and humorous. Really hope to see more of this in the future at a convenient point for you.
10/22 c4 PhoenixDragon90
Loved It!
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
10/22 c1 PhoenixDragon90
Seems Interesting and cute.
Will follow and see where this goes.
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
10/20 c4 1ShadowRealmComics
LMFAO, all four was a rush and I loved it. Keep it up please.
10/19 c4 3The Viking Stranger
Somebody's got somebody's motor running really good.
10/18 c4 j.alkinburgh1990
absolutely loving this story. haven't seen any kali fics out there.
10/18 c4 2Crimson Shikyo
thank you for the update
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's from kengan ashura
10/17 c3 5Hecseferblade
I’m guessing going full kurama (is he just 9-tails or 10?) and tossing the vessel deep into the sea and they watch it pop back up scared
10/17 c4 Guest
End it all already
10/17 c3 Guest
You won’t be remembered neon
10/17 c2 Guest
Give up ya bitchahahhahaha
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