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6/7 c12 bteasley55
great story telling
6/4 c12 GrizzyBone
This is the second time i have reread this story. I really like it, but i still find it weird that Naruto doesn’t want/scared to lead the island but wanted to be the Hokage
6/4 c1 TheDarkKnightHarlock
please updat3
4/23 c12 2AlgusSadalfas
Started reading this again and remembered how much I like this story. Man, I would just love if this one got updated again soon. Anna’s a favorite of mine at this time.
4/2 c1 Necros The Saiyan knight
2/2 c12 Vemok
I like almost every aspect of this story. I’m excited to read more!
11/23/2023 c12 Guest
Hope to see this one continue
10/2/2023 c12 The Sky Kitsune
Hope this hasn't been fed to the embers... Holding out hope
9/4/2023 c12 ledesmajoaquin418
Los hijos de Naruto tendrán chackra?
9/4/2023 c11 ledesmajoaquin418
Solo quería que sepas que tus historias perduran, conocí tu perfil en 2021 y la verdade encantó para los lectores de este sitio eres como una especie de leyenda por la cantidad de historias que escribes y naturalmente también por qué te has mantenido a lo largo de los años
En fin solo quería que supieras que mucha gente te sigue y disfruta de tu escritura
7/31/2023 c12 2MateoDTobi
If it was Alesia instead of Kali this could've been see you later alligator
7/22/2023 c8 13Have a Little Feith
Just one problem with that "Ozpin probably isn't Headmaster of Beacon at this time" line... he was apparently headmaster while Summer's group was in school, so that'd be about now. As in, they've pretty much graduated about now. Unless this is a bit (2-5 years) before Yang is born... the few clues given have me believing that Raven and Taiyang got together pretty much right out of Beacon. But you probably knew this by now (when you read this review) so I apologize if I'm essentially preaching to the choir here.
7/16/2023 c12 Jajur von Hohenzollern
with you mentioning midna ya ever thought of doing a naruto TloZ cross? (Im sorry for any and all plotbunniesespecially TP or Ocarina. or even majoras mask... hehehe naruto was met by a terrible fate... SO MANY possibilities.
7/16/2023 c11 Jajur von Hohenzollern
gods i adore raven sometimes... ive got Issues dont i ...
7/13/2023 c12 Afro1Ninja8
Man I love this story. Ready for the next update.
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