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5/16/2023 c11 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
5/16/2023 c11 1Animortal28
Continue the story! but ditch the thirsty power-hungry raven parasite!
5/16/2023 c11 4hnh058513
Midna?! Ah the twilight Princess one of the best companions, also fun fact her Helmet like all the other BotW DLC and Amiibo items is naturally in TotW
5/16/2023 c11 Kalbario
and so we wait for another year for an update
5/16/2023 c11 SagesBlade
TYFTC looking forward to the next one
5/16/2023 c11 Zombiedonald
loved the chapter and the re5 reference in this one
5/16/2023 c11 Lone survivor1
I love this story I'm so glad it was finally updated.
5/16/2023 c11 fallendemon248
And just think he's going easy on them, no jutsu, no clones, no kurama, just straight up speed and strength. It's scary to think
5/16/2023 c11 ShepardsShadow
Looking forward to Salem stopping by.
Absolutely love Raven, I know she's not a popular figure but she's my favorite character after Velvet.
5/16/2023 c11 jharrell819
Wesker! I love the reference :). Honestly I wish we could get some more Naruto is Wesker fanfics we've got just about any crossover under the sun. But Naruto is Gilgamesh and Naruto is Wesker just seem cursed to be abandoned. Same with Naruto is Sauron Either way loved the chapter can't wait for more. And I hope to see more of your elden Ring fics update soon have a awesome day
5/16/2023 c11 Skywolf99
glad to see this update again, hoping new gods follows soon
5/16/2023 c11 SPark681
Hmm, so Summer's team got their butt kicked just like Ozpin did lol anyway keep up the great work!
5/16/2023 c11 Pdd13
While I am usually a fan of having raven in these stories, for this particular one I would vote against it. It seems like this would be a more faunus oriented take and Raven doesn't fit that I think. You already have Anna as the one who believes in strength first of all, kinda redundant to add Raven as well.
5/16/2023 c11 3Reishin Amara
Was loving this enough as it is, but when I heard Midna, this went to a 10.
5/16/2023 c11 1The ultimite deity
Ooohhh, I loved this chapter!
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