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7/11/2023 c1 conwear267
Great story, it is very interesting.
7/10/2023 c12 ZeroHour00
Mass Effect 2 reference with Raven at the start of the chapter, Legend of Zelda reference with Midna, previews have a Bugs Bunny reference, possibly an ATLA reference, "I don't need you to tell me that." akin to the time Aang went to see a fortune teller and was told what he already knew when the boy just wanted to know what his love life was going to be, and a Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference. Approved.
7/10/2023 c12 icewolf268
This is one of my favorites of yours. Menagerie always was in that kinda 'media/information blackout to weaken them or to keep the people disorganized through out remnant' stage in my head. Combined with the low population cap of the livable surface of the island and you still got a sizable chunk of the faunas population with no other options but where there stuck at. Now to my question. Now that the island is expanding will Naruto be conducting raids for the vulnerable faunas still stuck in the atlas death mines? Or in the urban slums of the high population areas? Would certainly give the kingdoms a second look without there vastly exploited fuzzy workforce.
7/10/2023 c12 2obliviandragon
hohohoho keep them chaps coming!
7/9/2023 c12 Guest
For some reason I thought Adam was already born and would be naruto's stepson eventually, not bio
7/9/2023 c12 Cf96
Great work
7/9/2023 c12 Hate us
Fuck, she was quick
7/9/2023 c12 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
7/9/2023 c12 8Blu3b3rryT3a
Anna knows what Anna wants~!
Kali is getting there, Raven is gonna be a trip and a half to deal with.
Midna- isn't that a Legend of Zelda character?
Best of luck!
7/9/2023 c12 1The ultimite deity
7/9/2023 c12 NyaNyaKittyFace
7/9/2023 c12 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
7/9/2023 c12 cero2003
Many things that are happening right now and many others that will happen in the future, with Naruto there is starting a snowball effect and I feel that the consequences can be incredible.
Adam is a boy or a girl here or can it be both?
7/8/2023 c12 Fire turtle
Cant wait to see what happens next.
7/9/2023 c12 HurZysn
thanks for the update neon. I'm looking forward to the next chapter
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