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7/8/2023 c12 Kamori I'm The Infinity
COME ON! So how strong did he get by unlocking his Aura? The double? The triple? Or more?
Well well well, Anna definitely doesn't procrastinate and she's not hesitant either.
And what will be the consequences of the fight with Ozpin? And when will Salem arrive?And when will Naruto catch the bastard who poisoned the children?
7/8/2023 c12 rogue1Bois
7/8/2023 c12 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
7/8/2023 c12 Amargi'sNodachi
Atlas never learns
7/8/2023 c12 fallendemon248
Well maybe Adam is coming sooner rather than later at this rate, poor kali thou she was this close and got scared off
7/8/2023 c12 4Kiyoshi Fox
can't wait for the next chapter. Am so excited to see what happens next so far predictions are Naruto will be most of the main casts dad xD so team rwby maybe a team of sisters lol.
7/8/2023 c12 loserisme28
loved the chapter, can't wait to see how the story continues
7/8/2023 c12 Krieger Techpreist
Ah...He gonna fuck the red out of her... isnt he?
7/8/2023 c12 AzrelRazgriz
Thank you for the new chapter i'm eager for the next one and i'm really curious of what Naruto's Semblance will be. Also, could Naruto grant Kurama his own Aura given that he (Kurama) is made of Chakra, a combination of Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy, and thus should be quite close to a normal living being?
7/8/2023 c12 Zombiedonald
great chapter canf wait for more
7/8/2023 c12 Riba Nyabom
Not really a fan of all tbe fluff.
Still this is a nice take on a Naruto in Remnant plot.
Hope to see more action in the coming chapters.
7/8/2023 c12 8Jebest4781
Quite good on how this was done here.
7/8/2023 c12 Bardock123
good chapter
7/8/2023 c12 Tryson
Lol lots of kids
7/8/2023 c12 flame37
ok this good chapter keep on doing the good job and i hope you get better men
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