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for Fate: Oppression

2/6 c25 pietrodeglie
Damn, I missed this story.
So, the truth came out,Angry Matthew appeared and Ishtar's coming to the rescue.
Next chapter Shirou will wake up to "Yorokobe Shounen".
I hope life gets better for you and to see more of this fic and Break Dawn.
1/12 c25 hellobroskiiasn
Wow, I really hate where the story is going, but it is understandable because there is not a lot of stories where an author will go this route. Maybe I am just used to things going the protagonist's way. This'll be interesting. Please don't abandon the story before finishing the next arc.
12/27/2023 c25 Anthony00
nice chapter bro the best
12/21/2023 c25 the esteemed one
Omg. The shit finally hits the fan. Thank you for the chapter! The wait is really worth it!
12/17/2023 c25 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter and story so far.
12/14/2023 c25 keybladelight
Man this was intense you made Two references in angra mainyu speech the first us Kingdom Hearts and next us batman dark knight with joker and the last one is like attack on titans man I want to see more and hope to see ishtar meeting the magus and see the fake priest hope you make him use is catchphrase.
12/11/2023 c25 Voidicus
12/5/2023 c25 GrandSaberEMIYA
Glad to see an update to this fic and what an updated it is! Introducing Avenger, a hell of a confrontation, Shirous identity being revealed, and him being kidnapped. So much happened this chapter! The fight was crazy I know it seems like Avenger is ridiculously strong right now, but you mentioned there’s a reason for why he was fine after being hit by the Noble Phantasms so I assume it’ll be addressed in time. The oppressiveness of him/the shadow was very well done just like the reveal of Shirous name, both to his friends and the world, I look forward to seeing more of the fallout of that. Heading to Japan with to Kirei, Ishtar summoning herself to Rin, and I hope Archer Emiya will pop up soon! Regardless, again I’m glad you updated and I look forward to the next one!
12/3/2023 c25 shashumga
11/30/2023 c25 Boogeymen
finally I'm at the end of chapter. already catch-up.
now i feel lacking

i know shirou is not TYR anymore? and denying his name means regretting his actions about killing gods but.
he said.I DO NOT REGRET IT* dats da part which i love it!
i do not have ounces of regret of killing those wrench Called Gods! but i thinking if shirou (tyr) everytime he killed a god there's they called consequences. like(God of war like) i started thinking shirou is like kratos in this timeline and now damn i started thinking shirou most have kratos personality. but i like this current one. what I'm trying to say is shirou is kratos but more kind and honest. and I'll stop. comparing them i promise wahahaha.
11/30/2023 c25 4Goten Askil
Holy crap, 80k words? Content was absolutely great, but I can't say I wouldn't rather have tw... thre... hell, at this point cutting it into 10 chapters would still leave them decently sized, lol.

Once again, amazing fight, and the reveal at the end was just the right crushing conclusion to the crushing, hopeless defeat they suffered.
Although, I'd kill to have the conversation where the gang decided to go help him in his fight. Since he had the time to have his ass thoroughly handed to him and the decision ended up unanimous, that had to be some good talk.
Let's hope some of the Servants (or humans) in Rome and France have the same reasoning as Cu here, that it's not a complete world alliance against him. Of course, the fact he lied about his shady past doesn't bring much confidence that he didn't lie about his goals, but still, actions are the only truth.

About the woman behind the War, I'm like 90 percent sure it's Sefar, and remaining 10 for Alaya being possessed/controlled. As for her plan, I do think it's a bit too convoluted if the only point of the war was to bait Shirou to have him suffer before dying, so either the reveal is only meant to slow him down before the Ritual is ready, or the goal is to have him kill the Servants attacking him to speed up the War. Maybe both, even, and making him suffer can't be a negative side-effect.
Hm, I'm still wondering what's the plan with all his relics. Maybe to tie him with Command Seals through the parts of his soul in them, made easier after breaking his spirit, and make him cancel his separation of the Sides of the World to let the Gods back? Yeah, that would fir everything neatly, but maybe too neatly. We'll see.

As for Avenger's power and invulnerability, I guess he might have received Shirou's Divine powers when Shirou abandoned them? Or maybe, as Shirou's counterpoint he's immune to the weapons he created, which added to his mana absorption doesn't leave much to injure him.

Anyway, thanks for the chapter, it was great! And damn, all the way to Japan? It's gonna be a while before the gang is reunited, especially if the Pendragons keep investigating the situation in Egypt and end up in a family reunion (which can't end well with EMIYA and Avenger still around). Hope we'll get some regular news from every side!
11/30/2023 c25 RedMamba24
fantastic chapter man hope you are doing despite your personal problems, nice references to archer's rho aias in heaven's feel and the dark knight's joker for avenger from the interrogation scene. hope you update soon
11/30/2023 c25 Boogeymen
reference heaven's feel huh.
its good reference.
11/29/2023 c25 Guest
well welcome back, glad to see you back in the saddle
11/29/2023 c24 dm680350
Cacete arrepiou!
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