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for Ned's Southern Folly

2/25 c77 Force Smuggler
Wonderful interactions
2/25 c77 4Poly19hum
Interesting chapter, including the variety of characters (Rickon's free spirit). Thanks for publishing this chapter.
2/24 c77 Johnny Jim Doe
The link on your profile doesn't appear to work. I can't see the family tree in any form.
2/24 c77 22Clavyus
Great moment introducing Jon to Jon.
2/24 c77 3rebfan90
great chapter!
2/24 c77 3Foxy-Floof
Wow... This is Kingdom-Building, for sure. Goodness, that's a lifetime of work, no way around that. I think Bran will be called the Builder by the time he dies. If the Moat is far enough along...
2/24 c77 George Cristian810
First , it is higly annoyind and insulting towards Bran to hold Moat Cailin only until his death . He is a prince by blood , not a non family lord . The more normal way it will be for Bran to be granted a lordship directly under Winterfell will limiting the numbers and type of soldiers he could have , with the mission to guard tye plca and not be required or allowed to send soldiers outside his lands . Or even better , he raise only a minimal number of soldiers , while the lords of the kingdom send soldiers in rotation to guard the fortress . Bran will comand them but not be able to order them to march outside its lands . Defend the fortress and the lands , yes , marching against another lord , no . Like this Bran has enough soldiers to defend the place , doe not represent a danger to the king and the lords are proud that they participate in the defence of such an important place .
Second , i hope the direwolves will find mates bc it will suck pretty bad if after they pass , the starks will no longer have direwolves .
2/24 c77 93scifiromance
Another great chapter! Rickon's development is very believable and I'm happy for Bran and Alyn. Everyone's family life seems to be prospering and that's very nice to see. Alyn was the best choice to be Bran's closest bannerman in such challenging lands, but Robb may need to balance out his rewards to the Blackwoods with some to other houses.

Thanks for writing!

2/24 c77 4Supremus85
Well, this is a nice development.
2/24 c77 2GoMagikarp
I have zero idea how in god's name that string of numbers letters and symbols in supposed to lead me to a link.
2/18 c76 4Poly19hum
Very interesting chapter!
A question however? Why not have a few Riverlander's heir go with young Hoster Tully to Winterfell for fostering, in order to have build friendship's bonds with them while in the North?
Keep writing !
2/16 c76 Shoksha
Thank you for sharing your work with us
2/14 c76 brandon279
Too much Lanister bashing. Insanly overpowered Starks.
It was good story till the black bay. after that battle, everything becomes ridiculus.
2/13 c7 2Damien NightFall
... Ive had some issues with the characterization of most characters in this story (the rest of the story is perfectly fine) but this chapter definately highlighted those issues.

Edmure tully may be the son of a lord paramount, yes, but he is not a Lord Paramount. He dared to bare steel against stark bannermen and wards, in WINTERFELL. And eddards response was to lightly slap his wrist then kiss the booboo better. Diplomacy is not just sweet words and bending over backwards, it is also showing you have authority and the will to use it. Edmure now knows he can instigate shit against Jon and force Jon to beg him for forgiveness for his existence, and eddard will do nought but accept it.

At the very least Edmure should have been kicked from the castle, fuck Bran being his squire, is that a man eddard truly wants his son becoming?
2/9 c76 Guest
Fair enough about a crusade to Andalos happening anytime soon in this story, though an alternate universe where it happens would be cool to see but your already probably drained from this story so I won't push
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