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8/2 c3 12OftheWind
7/20 c3 3asuka
this is a masterpiece. keep farting.
7/9 c3 Iraki01
._. xD
7/8 c3 skyf0x
To be honest, you should have a very high IQ to understand this piece of art. The real masterpiece. Concept that was never explored before but delivered in such fashion that book writers should be jealous.

How can one describe the characters and canonical events of the show with such care, adding new great obstacles for them, creating a point of divergence? The story takes the reader and envelopes him with such cruelty and tenderness at the same time, that you can't resist but flow with the stream of the plot.

Characterization was done on an impossible levels. Every pilot was literally copied right from the show into the story. Nothing less, nothing more, only road ahead of them that will help to shape them into the new and better versions of themselves.
I feel bad for poor Rei, it was truly a tragedy. I don't understand Asuka's overthinking mind and her rejection of Shinji, but I hope she won't evade him forever. What will happen with Shinji? The drama is already big, but I feel slight glimpse of hope. I believe our shy boy will find his answers and reasons to live a happy life. And I will be with him in this journey, that's for sure.
7/7 c3 tomdj1701
I’m on a roller coaster of emotions. Laughing like hell from finally getting to ch 2 to feeling down after ch 3. Looking forward to seeing what is next bb
7/7 c3 2Rei-mond Legends
In the time after "Kouzou Fuyutsuki came." the world blessed us with "Shinji Ikari farted."
7/7 c3 12SheriffJohnStone
This made me cry
7/3 c1 Guest
Oh. It's you. The 'Kozo came' writer. Can't you write something serious for a change?
7/4 c2 48Author0fntent
...Ye gods, I hope Rei's all right...
7/4 c1 spartanman2
That's a "shitty" situation.
7/4 c2 12SheriffJohnStone
The greatest piece of brapfiction continues
7/4 c1 tomdj1701
Lol, excellent :)
7/4 c1 10Glory-To-Our-August-King
Thank you. You prince of Maine. You king of new england.
7/3 c1 2Rei-mond Legends
What type of fart we talking about? Like, huge ass-blaster that has the sound of a 747, or silent but the smell of twelve thousand rotting eggs?
7/3 c1 48Author0fntent
Oh, man, Shinji's really cutting it close this time!
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