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for The Life in His Eyes

10/21 c6 Guest
this whole chapter was like an exaggerated drama series, progressing very fast relationship wise
10/1 c9 259Phillipe363
A enjoyable chapter

Ah like the moment where Sadie admits to Arthur that he is the love of her life, well the second time but even still a important moment. As always like the interactions between the two.

I so enjoy having Sadie tell Dutch to shut up with his grand speeches, and calling out the fact Arthur does most of the work for proving for the camp, bringing in money and food, does the chores yet no real thanks or anything for his efforts. Of course Sadie has noticed, another reason she fell in love with him and has had enough of this bullcrap for Dutch's non stop pushing of Arthur.

And yeah Dutch is more concerned about Arthur's supposed "leaving them behind" and no more loyally, yeah screw you Dutch.

I hope this starts to wake up Arthur's eyes more for just how little he matters to Dutch.

The reactions of everybody you handled fine to this and the goodbyes as well since as you said keeps it from getting to repetitive.

So Arthur and Sadie off to go meet Sister Calderón and Brother Dorkins. This should be interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing a similar scene with Sister Calderon like Arthur had at the train station, even though this Arthur is I presume going to be keep going on living.

Ah that's perfectly fine for taking as break from the main RDR2 story and the world itself is alot bigger then just RDR2's main story anyway.

Be back for more
9/9 c8 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter.

As always like seeing Arthur and Sadie's interactions from the banter to the concern they have for each other.

Wyatt Earp from Tombstone film? Nice and oh agree with you for sure on it being such a good film.

Yeah Tombstone and Young Guns films as well.

So more found out about the Dead Eye with it being an actual persona inside Arthur? Yep I'd say getting very Ghost Rider vibes from this for sure.

Be back for more
9/9 c8 J.A. Caster
9/7 c7 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter

I checked and the 1911 was actually first started in the late 1890's so around the time of this game so it works just fine.

Besides given there's fictional places in the game and such I wouldn't worry to much over giving Arthur a 1911. After all they've got stuff like Sinclair with time travel.

Like Arthur and Sadie's interactions with their trip in getting the horse.

Seriously seeing stuff like this just makes me think on how the game missed the chance for Arthur/Sadie romance and getting rid of the companion option in free roam.

Along with like the only romance we had for Arthur is Mary Gill Linton who was well not great to say the least.

Ah the ever typical NPC who just can't leave well enough alone and got what he deserved.

Oh that's not good for Arthur on whatever is his Dead Eye is well attacking him now.

Be back for more whenever that may be.
8/2 c6 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter

From Arthur and Browning's interactions, to Arthur getting to be a bit of a happy fan boy for meeting Browning, to Sadie and her father along with Browning coming to accept his daughter's choices.

Also poor Arthur and Sadie they each have not so great self worth views towards themselves, understandable but still poor them.

Nice for Browning giving one of his new prototypes to Arthur who will happily take it.

Mr. Browning well let's just say it might be better off if Sadie didn't make the connection known to the rest of Dutch's gang especially given *cough* Micah Bell, and even Dutch himself *cough*.

Oh I can totally see Mr. Browning being like a shop sales man or something for a person Arthur and Sadie can later contact/go to for supplies, ammo etc.

The ending works fine on this.

Be back for more
7/21 c5 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter

Like seeing Arthur and Sadie happy for spending time with each other, and learning about the other.

Especially given what the game and story itself robs us of by killing Arthur off no matter what.

So Sadie gives the Dead Eye name? Nice and the reasoning for the name works.

Like the scene of Arthur telling Sadie about losing his son and Issac's mother, which poor Arthur as well. Of course Sadie is able to be patient and supporting of Arthur for sharing something this personal that hurts as much as it does.

Which the Dead Eye first showing up for Arthur using it to kill the people who murdered his son and the boy's mother is a very good explanation.

Needless to say my jaw dropped when Sadie made the introduction of John Mosses Browning being her father.

Yes this should be rather interesting next chapter to say the least.

Also *snickers* Arthur meet the man who actually built some of the guns you've probably used.

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7/15 c4 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter

Like getting an insight into Arthur's POV as well for this and seeing his thoughts.

Ah poor Sadie thinking something like a demon took over Arthur or something along with poor Arthur thinking the worst of himself for Sadie not wanting to talk to him.

Like the scene on the boat with Arthur and Sadie for Arthur reassuring Sadie that no matter what it's still him deep down, with him confessing he loves her alongside her returning those feelings.

Nice to see they are in a relationship now, along with being happy. As Arthur said he could get used to it.

For upcoming stuff? Well there's the obvious Arthur explaining to the best of his knowledge how he can do the Dead Eye thing. Alongside his past with Issac and the mother.

Regarding what else maybe have stuff where Arthur as he said in this for realizing Dutch is off the deep end starts working against him quietly to get the people who will follow or want out away from his grasp of control. Kind of create his own gang, alongside Sadie obviously.

Maybe even have Arthur for whatever reason steps up to lead the gang itself.

Have Arthur be the one to kill Micah, not John since Micah was Arthur's enemy more then anyone's in the game and rather sucks Arthur wasn't the one to end him.

Oh for the skull reason with Dead Eye yeah that makes sense and as very Ghost Rider like as you said. Alongside being 1899 well very terrifying to say the least.

Given John Martson's Dead Eye I wonder if your going to touch on that at all for something that allows Arthur to do the same is in John as well.

Oh why the change to making this story M rated?

Be back for more
7/12 c3 Guest
Why the hell does this not have more reviews? People can not take time to post a good job?! We are getting more Arthur Morgan x Sadie Adler content. Arthur has no TB bullshit from the game. Get to explore strange stuff for Dead Eye. The skull is a bit much yet IMO. No fucking TB shit! Plus Sadie more as a character running around with Arthur Morgan! Sadie Adler bounty hunting with John Marston should have been Arthur in Red Dead Redemption Two! Keep up the Great work!
7/12 c3 Phillipe363
Enjoyable chapter

Liked seeing Arthur and Sadie interacting together of course, including the hug and Sadie kissing Arthur on the cheek.

Poor Sadie for her struggles between revenge and trying to be something more as well as moving on from her husband's murder along with everything else she lost. On top of her seeing what happens when she went to far in revenge for tutoring and killing a sixteen year old boy.

Which like seeing Sadie having realized she is in love with Arthur and based on Arthur's "You are to me" response she might not be alone in that feeling. Now mind you getting the two of them to admit it is a whole another matter.

So now we see Arthur's Dead Eye aka demon from hell or whatever the heck it is come to life.

Yeah I don't blame Sadie for being a bit unsettled on that.

Oh glad to know no TB for Arthur and dying since yeah that really irks me for how they treated him. It's not like they had to kill Arthur off anyway to explain why we didn't see him in RDR anyway. Heck Sadie and Charles was still alive at the end of RDR2 anyway.

Be back for more in the next chapter for relationship things between them.
7/9 c2 Phillipe363
A Enjoyable chapter

Like Sadie being curious on Arthur's adventures for how he's doing all this for like killing five cougars with a bow or the later part with the wolves.

Nice bit of Jack calling Sadie for Aunt Sadie which shows how she has gotten closer to people with coming out of her shell.

Enjoyed the moments between Arthur and Sadie of them hugging at camp, her bringing the fur up to her face, Arthur pulling her along her along to the horses as they laugh about it, and them dancing at their mini camp up in the Grizzles.

Glad Arthur was there to comfort Sadie as she broke under the stress of possibly losing him after he went to go kill those wolves, and her able to reassure him with Arthur being willing to share his own fears.

Also speaks volumes for how Arthur is the only one Sadie trusts and asks to go with her for returning to her homestead.

Like the scene with the wolves showing up suddenly and the action scene there.

For the scene of the guys giving Sadie looks over how she dresses does work and so does her reactions fits Sadie's character.

Obviously if it works into the story not having Arthur with any TB and gets together with Sadie.

For the other stuff perhaps having Sadie start coming along on more of the side missions in the game that Arthur gets involved in, perhaps meeting Albert Mason, or the burning of the Braithwhites Tabaco fields for example.

Maybe have Arthur alongside Sadie for somehow they end up dealing with the Pinkerton problem for good so getting rid of Milton and Ross off their backs so even the events of RDR1 are unable to happen.

Perhaps like where Sadie sees how much Dutch is pushing Arthur to go keep doing stuff even when Arthur already does alot around the camp, and she steps in to defend him. With having Arthur start to stand up against Dutch to.

Something with like Mary showing up to drag Arthur back into another one of her messes and Sadie steps in to tell her off for how she uses and treats Arthur.

For sure having a TB free Arthur beat the utter crap out of Micah and winning.

So went on a bit of mini idea rant for lack of a better term and hope some of these ideas help.

Be back for more
7/7 c1 Rasmus Peter Vammen rsns
That weird thunder- Was that Dead Eye? And what was that about the others looking weirdly at Sadie?
7/6 c1 1GhostSoldier70
Great work, I can’t wait to see more updates from you.
7/6 c1 MrRobotj6
I love this story already. I hope when Sadie gets to this point in my story, I can make her in character as much as you did. I'd imagine writing from Sadie's point of view would be difficult, but you did an outstanding job of it.

-Mr. Robot
7/4 c1 259Phillipe363
Enjoyable start to this story and first chapter.

So sweet to see more Arthur/Sadie fics since we need more of them and looks like a good one as well.

Ah Sadie it's always nice to get inside her head, and yeah her being scared when first dealing with those Radiers makes a whole lot of sense. And well further explains the quick gun fight she herself started.

Like the way Arthur just "okay enough of this crap" and walks over with I'm guessing using Dead Eye.

I'm curious to see how this story goes on for your backstory being Dead Eye and why it sounds like thunder.

Nice for Sadie telling the men leering at her off, and well Sadie might not know it yet but the only man she's fine with looking at her like that besides Jake is Arthur.

Like the interactions between Arthur and Sadie as well, you write them good. The care, helping each other and being able to make the other laugh.

Added to the favorite and follow list to.

So looking forward to more.

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