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for Game of Thrones x Overlord What if?

4/25/2022 c6 Visual Bliss
Ugh this would good if it weren't so rhaegar friendly imo
1/26/2022 c4 1Duelmest
This chapter would make a really good full story I think.
12/28/2021 c9 Anonymous
Please keep wizarding world overlord.
11/21/2021 c9 Anonymous
I love your Harry Potter and my hero academia stories as well as your overlord demon empress one and wish to see them all continue.
11/21/2021 c9 N2
Even if you choose not to continue some stories can you please not delete them since all your stories are so interesting it seems like a waste to do so.
11/21/2021 c9 N2
Please continue wizarding world overlord.
11/20/2021 c9 Mr.Big
You’re a good writer. I love your work.
These are the three stories I like most. BTW these are only my personal opinions and suggestions.
Harriet Potter
White Lion of the rock
Overlord: The demon Empress (Not the Westeros one)

Harriet Potter
A cute little girl hunting the big bad dark lord; that part is already hilarious. In everyone else’s eye she is the cute little girl blessed with great powers. But in secret she is a demon empress; seeing her work in secret as an antihero and hunting Voldemort, that would be very cool and entertaining. Everyone else sees a cute girl but Voldemort will see a demon who hungers to torture and kill him. Let him be tormented by a power he can’t comprehend and is helpless against. The MC being the hunter and going head to head with Voldemort; that is a big improvement on the Harry Potter cannon series.
If she can get to Nazarick’s treasury and get a soul gem and use it to get that thing out of her head and keep it in tack, she can then use it to make a compass or something to find him. And she could use Cruciatus Curse on that Horcrux to torture him.
It would be great if you could show more of the POVs from the NPCs that have already awakened. What are their lives like, what are they planning and how do they see their lady. Why haven’t they noticed that she remembers? Maybe she could have a sketchbook where she has drawn all the guardians and her old comrades and when one of them stumbles across it they will know she remembers. Maybe that book could help the others wake up as well.
And a question about The Fallen King. Does he materialize behind her or all around her like a projection or an aura that takes the form of a monster? Is she inside him like the Susano from Naruto?

White Lion of the rock
I think that last part of the story, where she decides to torment them with their own ambitions, and what you wrote in your explanation of why you chose to write her; all those perfectly sum up all the things that would make it one of the best fanfics that has seen in a long time. If you write it according to what is already written and by what you wrote in that last letter, its going to be epic, a masterpiece. If you take the time to plan it well and give it enough attention then it’s going to be freaking amazing.
Watching her go up against the other characters you mentioned and seeing their reactions. Each of them can have a turn; just as they are close the reaching the throne she reveals her true self to them and then stomps on the hand that is about to touch her throne. The looks and cries of despair and hopelessness as they realise they never had a chance in the first place will be so delicious.
Let her take Westeros on her own and then Nazarick can arrive for the Essos Campaign. The faceless men will probably worship Pandora’s actor as the faceless god. Maybe the faceless god was a doppelganger from Yggdrasil long ago. Watching her screw over the red priestess’ magic and scare the living hell out of the three eyed ravens. Will Bran warn the north to bend the knee or die? If she needs followers she could use corpses to create undead and demons. She could sneak away to go to Quarth and recruit the warlocks; they would worship her as the goddess of magic and would make very useful agents. She could even revive the dragons beneath the red keep.
I know I said this before but you should hear the songs.
Evil by Dove Cameron.
Where Evil Grows by The Poppy Family 1971
They describe your girl perfectly

Overlord: The demon Empress (Not the Westeros one)
It is already an amazing concept. A player arriving in NW and finding out that they are already an ancient figure of legend; I don’t think that has ever been done before with Overlord. It’s like the long told legends and build-ups of Madara Uchiha and The Legendary Black Wizard Zeref. People told tales of them and sometimes encountered their works or followers and then one day the legend stands before them. To hear that all from the legendary figure’s own POV and to have them as the MC of the story, that is really cool.
But you need to work on some of your grammar and scene descriptions; the coming out scene at the fake tomb was confusing to make out. And that speech she gave; going all, ‘I am immortal and all powerful and all must bow before me’ it made her sound WAY too full of herself. And her claiming to be the creator of the whole world; won’t that be a bit difficult to prove in the long run? And besides that, if she really was the All Powerful Goddess Of Yggdrasil Galadriel Melkor wouldn’t she build a world that is a lot better than this weak world? If she was so great and proud, wouldn’t she have created a world that can at least hold a candle to the nine worlds of the supreme beings? I’d scrub that claim and make it more like she only grabbed her own nation (Nazarick) and chose to settle here.
Or maybe you could rewrite the story and have Demiurge, Pandora and the doppelgangers infiltrate the Theocracy and her already existing cult of followers and use/lead them to launch some kind of grand conspiracy to create a magic beacon to show Galariel the way to this world so that she can come to this world so that her fanatic followers can pledge themselves to her service because they want her to rule the world and bring about a golden age.

In my personal opinion those are your three best stories with the greatest potential to become the most epic on . But you are their author so I’m sure you have your own opinions of your work. Your other stories are also very well done and enjoyable but I wouldn’t cry if you chose to continue only these three and scrap the rest.
Thanks for the great stories and please continue the good work and update soon.
11/17/2021 c9 Blue Team Epsilon
Please keep wizarding world overlord.
11/17/2021 c9 joem19
I would really like to read more chapters from white wolf of winterfell, there's some satisfaction watching the players of "the game" as they called it while their plans and schemes were crumbling down due to overpowered north. It's not boring for me at all. So thanksss! :)
11/17/2021 c9 Clotho01
If White wolf of winterfell wins you should replace it with Harriet Potter:the demon empress, rather then wizarding world overlord. Since wizarding overlord is more interesting then either white wolf(since there are 1001 fics with uplifting of the North) as for Harriet potter it's a bit meh. Seeing dark lady Galadriel taking over magical community is more interesting.
11/17/2021 c9 Guest
Please continue Wizarding World Overlord... The last chapter was incredible. I want more...
11/16/2021 c9 Guest
Please continue Wizarding World Overlord... The last chapter was incredibly awesome. I want more chapters.
11/17/2021 c9 Wol Ryung
11/17/2021 c9 ParadoxTheory374
Well as long as the protagonist actually engages within Kings Landing and be smart while in the vipers nest instead of trying to play the naive/innocent act to try and fool them, which would look stupid in my option. I want the other characters to be wary of her. Oh and have her not be soo hung up about Nazarick.
11/17/2021 c9 4Alucard
I did want White Wolf but after hearing your reasoning I can agree with your choice. Though I REALLY enjoy the wizarding world overlord a lot but I really want to see read the White Wolf. It’s a really hard choice but I have invested so much time and anticipation for Wizarding World Overlord I don’t think I can choose White Wolf, so I choose Wizarding World Overlord.
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