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for Game of Thrones x Overlord What if?

10/16 c6 Spacemonkey777
Better than lion but my vote still goes to Wolf! :D
10/14 c4 alexc123
I really liked this one!
10/14 c6 kaonei
Finally, Galadriel with her own harem ( I still miss her childs though ).
10/12 c6 naruto
great chapter keep it up
10/12 c1 Guest
I like no nazarick
10/12 c6 4Alucard
I’m not sure if you read my PM so I am putting what I said there here as well:

The White Dragon of Dragonstone is right there with the White Wolf if you chose between these two i would be happy with either one you chose. This one was aslo a work of art that is truly magnificent and i honestly do not have any critiques for the White Dragon. I know that you have other ideas but i so want to see these stories flushed out already, but as they say patience is a virtue. I look forward to future installments of any of your stories. And as always i wish you the best!
10/11 c6 2Darknaru3
You know Galadriel would be a perfect Targaryen with her demon emperor title could be confused for her being crazy or she could play the good Targaryen since a Targaryen is either a genius or crazy depend on the gods making a coin flip. Even still maybe its because I haven't seen her interact so much wit the others that this one is only my 3rd favorite being behind the white wolf and white lion. So if your making more than one story please choose one of this three please.
10/11 c6 Biogust.45
I liked all the options posted so far, preferred miscellaneous.

I liked The Ancient God of the North for the fact that Gladriel sets herself up as sovereign (goddess) of the North and turns it into a power, even without the presence of Nazarick.

The last three oneshot were very good and left me in doubt between them:

The Starks for the power the North would become;
The Lannisters for the people they own;
The Targaryen for the rebirth of the dragon, a force to be respected and feared, just as our mythology says.

With that, I stand between the Starks and the Targaryens, but it would be nice if some of the options became fics of their own.
10/11 c6 kage88
Nice really nice.

In order of me favourite one shots it 4, 1 and 6
10/11 c6 Guest
This is one is good but 5 is better
10/11 c6 8UndeadLord22
either you make all of them or some of them, because I really want to read more on this.

even specifically Galadriel being born as Stark and Lannister. And maybe bringing in on that Goddess arc
10/11 c1 Cheesebox
I’ll stick with white lion I haven’t seen enough fan fics of the Lannisters and I think I already love the relationship between them about Galadriel plus it has a lot of paths it can go down with more dark characters getting a spotlight like little finger and Varys and seeing them fail the game of thrones by being out played would be cool to see.
10/11 c6 Cat Eyes In The Night
Damn I liked this one but I still think white wolf is supreme the starks are the BEST!
10/11 c6 ParadoxTheory374
Could you do one where Galadriel isn't thinking of Nazarick? Make her a solo player before transporting to GoT? Possibly be the ruler of Dorne?Or build a Kingdom outside of Westeros?

Appreciate the update.
10/11 c6 abdacom3015
This what if chapter is really intriguing.
I want more of this one!
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