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for Do You Believe in Reinvention?

12/1 c39 Kjh55
This was such a great story that I had to binge read it over the long Thanksgiving holiday! You have a wonderful writing style and I love the character development of Steph finally becoming her own person in a way that seemed natural for her.
11/26 c39 ateam123
Loved this. I really like how you got them to grow up. Very exciting and sad and everything.
11/21 c39 17SiennaS
I wasn't sure I was gonna like this story when I started, but your writing was as good as the storyline was compelling. This was a fantastic read that I ended up really, really enjoying. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and ideas and I'm so glad Steph and Ranger got their HEA!
11/2 c39 HPforever2018-3
OMG! What a roller-coaster. I am almost dizzy. It is an amazing story, and even more amazing is that the writer managed to get me - and more importantly Steph - to forgive Ranger. A few chapters back I would have thought that would be an impossible task, yet in the end I was cheering for him. Well done!

Thanks for posting this awesome story!
10/17 c39 19DreamsInColor8
This was so so good. I think the entire story is very believable. You wrote both POV’s so well. I love seeing growth in my two favorite characters. Thank you for sharing!
10/16 c39 1CTBabe1202
I cannot find the words to express how deeply I enjoyed the roller coaster ride you to me on through your character development, plot, and style! Way to go Babe- a new favorite for sure.

10/15 c39 Ladyonhill
Fantastic story!
10/11 c39 Babeforever
What a story!
I loved it, so well written, so intense!
Just waouh, you made a strong Stephanie, it's good to see her like that.
Like you said it at the end of the last chapter, 26 books and always the same old Stephanie, she's smart for the complex cases, she's lucky but still in the books she's always at the same stage of her life, same crappy apartment, same struggle for life, for rent...
I'm happy I found this one already completed, it would be so hard to wait for the next chapter :) :) :)
10/6 c17 connollyt
Love the Joe bashing st thre end of this chapter!
10/2 c39 Guest
Thank you! I read this a few months ago - before it was finished - and it was so exciting when I stumbled upon it again only to discover that you had completed it in the meantime. Stories where Stephanie finally grows a pair and gives Ranger-the-control-freak a hard time are always great, and this one if no exception. Brilliant.
10/1 c39 17Raven2609
sooo...what a ride. i was crying, laughing and shaking my head. i stopped around book 19 or 20 to read the books. if you don't think about its a series they are funny but really they stopped evolving. back to you.
I really really loved it. but yeah I don't know if I could forgive either. as Ranger I would have cut my loses pretty early from a professional standpoint or billed steph. personally after Scrog the latest. never mind letting him poach.

as steph jeah I don't know if I could forgive alas I never experienced such a love. I'm happily married almost 20 years but I could go on if we separated.
but really the dechoch deal I would have clocked Ranger.

all in all I enjoyed your fic.

love bea
9/29 c39 Guest
Yah a story with a stronger Steph and a human Ranger.
No to and ending of an amazing story.
Thank you for writing this story.
From Lillip. Denmark.
9/28 c39 30Mumofpicklegirls
Wow! What a rollercoaster ride!
At one point I really couldn’t see then getting back together. But you made it so
Brilliant plot, well written
Thanks for sharing x
9/28 c38 Mumofpicklegirls
I’m glad they’re taking baby steps as well as communicating.
Everything will be signed and sealed when she lets him into her home
9/28 c37 Mumofpicklegirls
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