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8/31/2021 c2 DrinkThemIn
Oh, I loved it. It’s what everyone wishes for. Beautiful work! Brava!
7/7/2021 c1 12MrsVonTrapp
I have to lay a sincere apology at your feet, oz diva- I haven't received author, story or review alerts for well over a year, due to email difficulties that are much too boring to detail, until the revelatory happenings of the last few weeks, when all has been rectified... and a veritable treasure trove of unread stories revealed!

Goodness here you have been, beavering away regarding your AwaE love... and I have been oblivious! That will teach me I had better check out our Anne-fandom cousins more often.

So here I am, and look at you with this lovely re-rendering of Mary's sad and devastating demise, and I much prefer THIS outcome, even if it would have rather curtailed a few TV story subplots. Bash was by far my favourite AwaE character, and the way that certain sections of the community - chiefly Marilla, Rachel, Anne and Gilbert - rallied around this little family was one of my favourite story threads.

There are two joint heroines here - Mary and Marilla - and they make a gorgeous, heartfelt team. Marilla is sterling - particularly for a spinster with one presumes little if no prior experience - in supporting Mary through the labour and developing a beautiful caring role by her side and in caring for Delphine. That beautiful smile of warmth at the moment of Delphine's birth is light itself and seems to immediately seal their bond.

Mary's experience is powerful, emotive and evocative, capturing that out-of-body sensation of not quite knowing what is going on and conducting joint conversations in her mind with both those on earth and those beyond. The battle between her flagging will and her battered, fever-wracked body is wrenching, and a disturbing reminder of the very real dangers of childbirth and later complications at the time. Mary's coming round back into consciousness and "Bash... it was barely more than an exhalation of breath" is simply and delicately done.

I lovely new ending and a lovely vignette x

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