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22h c10 Dahman
Soo… no new chapter for this week?
9/20 c10 kuro yaksha
Take all the break you need, this is too good of a story to be discontinued because you were burnt out. I can honestly say this is GOAT of the comic fanfictions and if it keeps this pace then may as well be the GOAT fic.
9/20 c10 Kalstorm99
very nice chapter.
9/19 c10 Guest
Good chapter. I like Tarble's interactions with Raven. It really allows him to be a little more introspective. Tarble already pointed out to Superman that in his opinion the League uses their 'we don't rule' philosophy to hide behind the UN. Now he is going to see the darker aspects of that, as in the League having to not intervene in human right abuses. That will be interesting.
9/17 c10 1dekuton
something tells me that . when tarbles story comes to an end that it will be at the hands of brolly and tarble will end up thanking him.
9/15 c10 Guest
Damn, shit's hitting the fan.
9/15 c10 Hadrian.Caeser
9/14 c10 3J. R. Castle
Hm, generally an autocratic military dictatorship like North Rhelasia is portrayed here (sort of a NK analogue?) is legitimized primarily by a stronger, more stable world power that allows its existence for some specific geopolitical purpose, whether it be to serve as a buffer state or establish a military presence in certain regions of the world. And god, just opening up all the borders and allowing people to emigrate en masse? Not to mention destroying the entire political hierarchy of the country’s regime without bothering to establish even some sort of provisional government? If NR doesn’t either get invaded by another country or get taken over by some local strongman I will be very surprised. Actually I won’t; the truth is I will be very surprised if you actually end up following through on the frankly absurd implications of this quite sudden plot development, not because I think you’re incapable but because it’s clear that it would completely derail the entire trajectory of your story. The truth is that Earth at large is such a political quagmire that conquering it by force seems like the only simple solution on a strictly narrative sense.

Of course, that is unless I’m completely missing the point of this sequel, and the entire thing will actually just revolve around Tarble engaging in the honestly ludicrous task of sincerely convincing all the nations of the world to submit to his authority without war, which I guess would fit the budding theme. Not sure how much room there’d be for superhero shenanigans or even any action though, and since this is being written for a (partially paying) audience who has sort of signed up for those specific things I’m not sure how willing you’d be to really do away with that.

You could always just ignore the insane ramifications of Tarble’s actions here and carry on with a more straightforward story that doesn’t get into all that mess, but honestly that might come off as sort of flaccid considering this is as of yet by far the most consequential choice the protagonist of your story has made so far. Er, I guess what I’m saying is, good luck with all that.
9/13 c10 Naruto420
Tarble is going to kick supergitl's S. XD
9/13 c10 Guest
This will be a fight to remember he really should try practicing super saiyan
9/13 c10 James O Mchanon
A common point I always enjoy with your writing is the willingness to continue the brutality and murder of people by characters who have done so before. It is a great peeve of mine when a character who kills arrives in a situation where they change completely even though their character would not go along with such thinking just because of some pressure or even love interests. I am not saying people cant change but its far more interesting to show how peoples characters really dont. John Wick is an example of a man who had not stopped being a murderer, he simply had not murdered in awhile. Tarble is a warlord on the level of Ghengis Khan who has a empire to rule. That requires brutal tactics that do not allow for the mercy that is shown by DC heroes. I suppose to summarize that I do not want to see Tarble change his characteristics just because he has a couple pretty girls or a couple of words from heroes. Most people cant change that way or wont change, expecially if they are somewhat right in their methods. It is not about right or wrong but order and stability.
9/14 c10 2The Alpha 100
damn love it,I'm expecting an easy win for tarble against sg
9/13 c10 TheSystemFan
Thanks for the chapter
9/13 c10 Tony McNucklz
"I spent time with the st", would that be the "501st"?
Oooh, Kryptonian throwdown, and not the one that's had several decades under a yellow sun and from his first year of life. I'm betting he can clean her clock without even beginning to approach his max.
Rhelasia was an interesting choice. That he chose to merely disband the government and execute the leader will have the world considering, especially since all he did was kill a tyrannical dictator and dismantle a corrupt and oppressive regime in about 40 seconds. Maybe 3 minutes from the moment he found out about their defiance. Less than 5 minutes from defying his order to a tyranical country's leadership figuratively and literally decapitated? That's going to turn heads. The fact he killed a dictator with a reputation like he probably has and dismantling his government will probably actually have some people start to wonder if Tarble can't deal with tyrants better than their governments and the League. Some will more vociferously protest, but now some will also take how he treated his soldiers, how he was raised and looked like a saint compared to other commanders, and how he is a slave that rebelled against a tyrant and some will wonder... Would we be better off in a galaxy as hostile as it apparently is to be under the umbrella of Tarble? Could we benefit from joining up?
I maintain that Raven only makes sense as a bit of a meta prybar to leverage Tarble a bit, not as a pairing. To fragile for the fun stuff. Orgasms are essentially miniature involuntary seizures, including ejaculation. Even if he could somehow ruin the pleasure by sublimmating the involuntary muscle contractions (and thusly ruin the moment), he'd still kill her by blowing holes in her from his ejaculation. Ever seen Hancock with Will Smith? If not, check it out 'hancock unexpected power' and realise just what Tarble will do to Raven or any other woman that isn't seriously durable. Like Diana. Hell, Superman can't possibly really enjoy sex with a human or even enhanced human level strength. No friction he'd notice. And again, those involuntary muscle spasms would rip the girl in half even if he meant to pull out. Which of course makes you realise that the Kents must have had quite a fright the first time little Clark 'found' himself and blasted several holes in his rooms' ceiling. or the shower. Point is that would be quite the incedent.
9/13 c10 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this was a great chapter!

Okay. No updates on Sept 24th to October 1st...That means we got one more chapter on September 20th before two week hiatus/break.

King Tarble:

I thought we would not get Tarble time with Titans, with the Titans trying to show the positives of Earth and being a Teenager...Of course, Tarble had a hard time with his Sayian Nature. Sayians love to fight, but Tarble trying to seek peace and be the EXAMPLE to his people. Not to mention the competitive nature Sayians have and playing Video Game until he was FIRST on the leader board...Hahahaha! Oh, ASS...That is my childhood. Raven and Starfire are the ONLY Titans that Tarble likes and he hated how the other Titans members made it feel awkward to be together. Of course, Tarble notice a change in Robin and also notice the ROLES of each team member. They were back in America and NOT in Japan, but Tarble presence at Pizza Palace/Arcade where all the civilians were nervous and only had the Titans reassurance. Tarble notice Starfire attempt to please Tarble and probably was fascinated with her childhood hero trying to be Peaceful/trying to find less Bloodshed. Raven...Well, Raven really got to Tarble and she even compared herself to him, which threw Tarble off...Still, Tarble is a King of Empire and NOT just a Teenager that did not have childhood. He has responsibilities. When North Rhelasia closing off INFORMATION about Tarble, well, he had to make example...Also, Raven help reveal something to us about Tarble- trust issues. Tarble only trust his sister, mother and Broly. That is it...The betrayal really got to him. One dead Dictator, capture North Rhelasia Officers later, and destroyed/disarmed North Rhelasia forces later...Tarble fighting a Kryptonian known as Supergirl.

Raven/Racheal Roth:

I like her role. She is a detective, diplomat and therapist. I appreciate her trying to help Tarble and have less death/bloodshed. She knows that Tarble gets upset with whatever HAPPEN after the War of Light...Something that really damaged Tarble and pushed him on this path in his life. Starfire/Kominad'r is helping given that she is a FAN of Tarble, but also true with her emotions and see's the good in people. Kid Flash and Beast Boy help dig deep finding out that Sayians do not suffer from Brain Freeze, eat about 10,000 to 30,000 Calories for daily meals, and...Tarble basically live a life of joy/fun. Robin, he has change slightly and taking different approach, but he brings up painful memories. Raven and the Titans were going to take Tarble somewhere more enjoyable for himself besides the BUST at Pizza Palace but...Tarble had to set example at North Rhelasia. Tarble did not attack Raven, but went to Asian peninsula to kill a Dictator Government leader and take their high rank officials.


1) Will Tarble manage to keep the Ki Bubble holding Northern Rhelasia Officials as he fights Supergirl?

2) Should we expect Tarble fight with Supergirl to give him a LEARNING experience how to fight Kryptonians on what works and what does not work fight this Alien Species?

3) Where is Broly and Shayera Hal?

4) Can we get a Starfire/Koriand'r POV on her thoughts on Tarble during "Gone Native: Earth Saga"?

5) When will we get Princess Elery and Queen Teach coming to Earth with few Sayians?

6) How likely is it for Kakarot to find a Human mate, such as Chi Chi, in this story?

7) Will Supergirl be able to push Tarble to unleash his Super Sayian Transformation?


1) Yes, I hope Tarble does keep the Northern Rhelasian Officials in his Ki Bubble as he fights Supergirl. Why? Well, Supergirl does have more potential to be STRONGER than Superman, she does not have enough experience. She only had her powers for...few years. Tarble? He has been fighting a War all his life and knows how to USE his Powers and IMPROVE them...Supergirl out her weight class. It simply skill vs power and in this scenario...Skill wins.

2) Again, Tarble is kind of Genius and learn to observe his enemies. Fighting Supergirl is a warm-up to fighting Superman. Tarble will find out what tactics and attacks work with Kryptonians and what won't work. I am excited, because I want Tarble UNNATURALLY dense Ki to actually damage Kryptonians by bruising, cutting or breaking bones...Just image the idea of Supergirl having broken Collar Bone or Arm...It would be shock to her, given nobody even broken Kryptonian Bones before on Earth...yet.

3) I hope they appear...They are the last of 501st and it saddens Tarble to have to break that news. He knows Shayera Hal is not his friend or soldier anymore...But, she was apart of 501st and had that experience. Broly would care more, because he knew most of the 501st and to find out they are dead...Broly would feel guilty and wonder if he should stayed in the War of Life...Still, where are they? Why can Tarble not Sense them his Ki? Are they shielded or hidding their Ki or off world?

4) I am curious. Tarble does like that Koriand'r/Starfire is more expressive and kind. She not like Komand'r/Blackfire...It really interesting to read her POV. This chapter, it like Starfire is a Fan Girl, but she also a Alien who given a tour of Earth to a Celebrity/War-Hero Alien that come to Earth. She wants Tarble to enjoy himself and have friends...Sometimes meeting your hero is bad, but Tarble is mixed...He is not horrible, but he told Tarble do not trust the Media/Propaganda.

5) I figure that Tarble is going to deal his sister, mother and other Sayian's soon...Sayians get bored and need adventure/action. I expected Tarble to be embarrassed with his mother demanding what taking so long and Elery asking why Tarble hogging a planet with such good food/meals...With Humans dealing with more aggressive and dangerous Sayian's that make Tarble look civil...Along with horrible implications on if they kill Tarble, who will reign in the remaining Sayian Race?

6)...I just realize that could be possible. Maybe Kakarot finding Chi Chi in this Universe, but with knowledge and experience of his Sayian Heritage/War of Light. I kind of like the idea of Kakarot making Earth his home and trying to live by his King or Earthling standards...I could read Kakarot being employed by Military, while he ends up meeting Earth Women civilian by the name of Chi Chi and Romance blooms.

7) No, I do not think Supergirl will force Tarble to transform in a Super Sayian, but it would be close. I am betting Tarble techniques, control of Ki and experience. Supergirl probably thinks she strong enough and nobody ever match Kryptonians outside of Amazon's, Atlantians and other Aliens from Red Sun solar systems could match them...But Tarble does have decades of experience of fighting and probably knows Martial Arts. Meanwhile, Supergirl think her overall ability/power will be enough...Wrong. I think Supergirl will put up a good fight, but be defeated by Tarble and putting dread into the Earthlings when they realize how powerful Tarble is.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
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