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20h c52 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
the guardians really messed up alot
9/30 c52 Super98
Epic! just binged the Tarble saga with my free time. You are one hell of an author!
9/28 c52 YuppityYupYup
Another great chapter! It's a bit of a shame that some of the most recent chapters seem to be a bit shorter, but they are still pretty nice to read!
One little thing though, regarding robin's hard light field. It said that Turble entered stage two of the Wrath Stage. But, isn't Turble stack at stage 10 ever since he crippled himself and had to relearn every single one of his technics with his dencer ki? Does that mean he can now stack wrath stage on top of his already going wrath stage?
I hope to see your response to this on the next chapter, cause that has me slightly confused.
9/27 c18 DevilishPotato
I'll never understand this book kevek of power, sometimes he is strong, sometime he is weaker. Such a big power loophole but whatever.
9/27 c11 DevilishPotato
Superman is weaker than Kara though, whikst superman was born in Krypton and sent to earth at the same time, Kara lived in the heavy atmosphere of Krypton feeling the preasure of the gravity and honing her bones to withstand it, sure every baby is born to withstand it but she experienced it for longer period of time, so when she came to earth her body was stronger than that of Kal-El/Superman
9/26 c52 Guest
A decent little filler to show garble is making progress
9/26 c52 King
That was a wholesome chapter it is nice to have one of them once in a while , it is time to brace my heart for hard times.
9/26 c51 King
Thanks for the chapter . there was a little info dumping but it's fine , It doesn't not make it any less of a great chapter in my books. great setup for future arcs.
9/26 c52 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating and this was a good chapter!

King Tarble:

So the Titans, Kara and Tarble have been training in-between Dimensions similar to a Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It seems that Kara and Raven are the ONLY ones that do not need injections to continue or slow the aging process...Does that mean Kara and Raven have pseudo External Youth because of their Genetics? Anyway, the Titans are getting stronger and Kara getting stronger. Tarble is getting stronger...But Tarble STILL not training with other Sayians, yet...I hope it happens soon. Earth seems to transition well with being under Empire that Tarble has and boost in technology/currency doing well. Marlo's Pizzaria doing well in Jump City and people are cross with shock/awe and bit of fear with Tarble part of the Titians/Supergirl group. But I notice a subtle closeness with Raven and Tarble. Nothing big. Just that the NEXT challenge is coming and they know this peace will not last for long. At least Tarble can play the Basket Ball video game to show his dominance and ease into waiting/relaxing for when the next fight comes.

Kara/Supergirl and the Guardians:

Okay, Zod not part of the story...yet. I figure the Guardians did something to Kryptonians given they acted similar to Ancient Sayians and instead of seeking expansion, the Guardians had the DNA of Kryptonians seek to stay more isolated. It seems that Krypton destruction is mix's, given Kara blames the Guardians for Kryptonian digging/mining Krypton Core until it collapse...But the Guardians mention that the Red Sun engulfed Krypton. Huh? A Mystery. It seems that Tarble has NO PROBLEM with fighting/sparing with Kara/Supergirl to get her anger out...Kara/Supergirl might not like Tarble that much, but is a great relief to NOT hold back against someone that strong or stronger than her and Kara is GETTING stronger because of it.


1) When will Tarble train any of his fellow Sayians like Broly, Kakarot, Elery, Olaive and Scarface?

2) Can we expect Cooler, the Ginyu Force and the Armored Squadron to appear soon?

3) Will the Justice League notice Supergirl and the Titans growing strength given they trained with Tarble to overcome powerful opponents?

4) How likely can we expect Tarble to have audience/meeting on Mount Olympus dimension with Greek Pantheons?

5) Is Tarble going to help other Sayians gain Super Sayian transformation, so that Tarble and other Sayians can achieve God-Ki to prepare for Salada eventual awakening?

6) Any time travelers at all to fore warn for future incidents at all?

7) Where are New Gods or Apocalypians?

8) Did King Tarble commit to his promise to Queen Komand'r/Blackfire on getting the Tamaeran Species similar abilities to Blackfire and Starfire, so that they never become Bed-Slaves/Cattle for other Species in the Vega System ever again?


1) I hope soon...Maybe after the Sayians take a Loss and desire to train with King Tarble. Why do the Titans and this Supergirl get to train with the King of Sayians and NOT his subjects? I bet Elery taking a loss would wake her up and desire to reach Super Sayian transformation...Probably Tarble worried the cost of Loss and Trust he would lose if he helped certain Sayians reveal certain truths that he wants to stay hidden/quiet about.

2) It could be Cooler and his forces...It could be many things. I figure the Cold Family is NOT done with Tarble after killing Freiza and they are not just going to allow this Monkey to live. Probably Cooler being bold and direct given he knows he cannot defeat Tarble in terms of War Strategies...Cooler would prove point that he different from his brother, but also regain the 'honor' of his family pride that Freiza destroyed from his defeat by a LESSER being.

3) I hope so! I hope Batman notice that Robin/Tim Drake can think several steps and his Martial Arts skills improved. That Beastboy has more Alien Animal transformations and Kid Flash is tougher/faster than before. We get Starfire improving the POWER/attack of her Starbolts. We get Raven and Supergirl being the STRONGEST and having versatility in their support abilities. Something that the Justice League notice the next generation getting stronger because of Tarble.

4) That can happen. I figure Mount Olympus exist in a DIFFERENT Dimension to what Mortals can comprehend. It is interesting how King Tarble would do with meeting Zeus, Posiden and Hades...Probably Ares being butt-hurt for losing to Tarble and dealing with that humiliation by his peers. It could end in a fight or a great understanding with each other if Tarble mention Salada and if ANY of the Greek Gods know of this POWERFUL Sayian that make them feel like mortals.

5) I hope some Super Sayians pop-up. Kind a way for Tarble to have more Super Sayians and expand on growing God-Ki in not only himself, but in other Sayians in case he fails...I figure Tarble would come up with contigency plan and reveal the TRUTH of Salada to those Sayians capable of Transforming and getting over the Guardians Genetic/Mental Blocks...There even more powerful Sayian and she wants the Sayian Race to change to become compassionate for some reason...So they need some Sayians to achieve some God-Ki if they hope to stand a chance.

6) Where are they? Maybe they are scared of Tarble or perhaps it has not reach that point in the story. I want Abra Kedbra or Reverse Flash or League of Superheroes or even Tarble descendants/children traveling through time. Something.

7) I hope they appear soon...Tarble achieving Godhood/God-Ki is big and the NEW Gods would take notice of this Sayian. Maybe even New Father and Darkseid having knowledge of Salada herself and wonder if the Guardians achieve they're part of the deal with King Tarble changing his species to his Monsterously powerful Sayian requirements in THIS Dimension. Yes, Darkseid and New Father exist in every version of the DC Multiverse because the SOURCE of their existence in Pocket Dimensions given how POWERFUL they are.

8) I hope so. Starfire has that Sayian personality, but kindness that the Sayians need. I hope the other Tamerans Species gain similar power to their Queen and Princess...Because they do not want to be weak and at the mercy of ANYONE ever again...So Tarble making the Tameran Species stronger by studying Blackfire and Starfire DNA to figure-out how they gain those powers can be replicated and given to all Tamerans to make them stronger...Probably Tarble earning MAJOR BROWING points with Blackfire/Komand'r because of her people growing stronger.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
9/26 c52 Terracotta Tortilla
Glad to see that he's becoming less of a downer and actually enjoying the moment, instead of looking to the future with worry.

Good chapter. Glad to see you utilising Beast Boy and his extremely versatile powers, not many people do. Though when they do, they usually just have him change into a random alien species on Earth, like the race of Starfire/Blackfire. If you ever get bored and have free time, maybe try out a oneshot using that power set. It has a lot of potential.
9/26 c52 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and I am loving tarble and ravens interactions
9/26 c52 Tony McNucklz
Bit of a placeholder, but still hit some important points to fill out the world. Seems Earth is adapting to the changes, and the Titans are becoming Tarble's personal Ginyu Force.
9/26 c52 DragonANGL
Yep. Time for the Cooler Arc! (Presumably, I haven't read ahead on patreon)
9/26 c52 Kalstorm99
9/26 c52 kaffeenator666
Oh look I’m relatively early here.

Well this was a very great chapter, well at least for people like me who like to Powerscale things.
But it seems that in the last three months a lot of training has occurred for the Teen Titans, Kara and Tarble.
Furthermore, as we all suspected, the Kryptonians were also tempered by the Guardians. It’s an interesting explanation, I wonder if this is just a throwaway line or if this might come back to us and have some later repercussions. Tho it leaves it open, if people like Zod are still alive or not. Maybe he died on Krypton too, maybe he was imprisoned in the Negative zone for some transgression.

Anyway, to the juicy part of the chapter.

We got it now boys. 6.5 million. That’s a huge increase for Tarble.
His current stats look like this:
Base: 6.5 million
WS: 65 million
20 WS: 130 million
SSJ: 325 million
WSSJ: 390 million
SSJ2: 650 million
God form: ?

So yes all in all, Tarble has become quite powerful. For example, Frieza was around 300 million, making Tarble officially powerful enough to defeat him on his own. Furthermore, his Wrath SSJ can probably hold its own against Superman’s 400 million.

Interestingly enough, my prediction of Karas powerlevel of 200 million was actually right. In the Earth invasion arc, Tarble was able to match her in his 20x wrath state somewhat. At that point, his max was 60 million. Of course, I predicted her to be at least holding back half of her power.

Now tho I’m not so sure anymore. 200 million at her weakest makes me wonder how far she can reduce her powerlevel? Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised, if after her training arc with Tarble, she has become a big deal stronger. Another possibility is, that she has a powerlevel comparable to Superman, but because she isn’t that proficient with her powers, she can’t access all her natural capabilities. Like only using 50% of her overall power and over time learning how to use more of it.

Well, I guess the kryptonians will get an increase of power in the next couple of chapters, in order to make them able to hold their own with powerful beings in the future.

On another note, that practise fight was great. Tarble used the gravity ball on the offensive and as a tool to disrupt his enemies, Tony McNucklz got a W there I guess. And always great to see the competitive side of Tarble shine through, simply because someone broke his Highscore on a video game :D

I do have one big question tho, as god Ki transcends the normal use of Ki and powerlevels, does that mean that there is no feasible way to count Tarbles PL when he is in his semi god form? Makes me wonder what kind of increase it is. Maybe it 150x the powerlevel of the form he is. Or maybe it is a straight increase no matter if he tries to combine it with his other forms.

Well no matter what, this was an interesting chapter. Can’t wait for the next one.

Until then!
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