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for Gone Native: Earth Saga

11/29 c23 Axccel
It's hilarious that you think Superman could even TOUCH ki at all. Let alone not be obliterated by that attack.
11/29 c22 Axccel
"You need to surrender King Tarble" should have been met with "I am merely defending myself. All you have to do is stop attacking me. I still have done nothing to provoke your attacks. And stop trying to protect the people attempting to commit genocide against mine. And while we're at it, if any problems come from lacking this fleet thanks to you, I will destroy this planet and exterminate everything from it."

Also, Superman is not even remotely close to that powerful. He has NEVER been shown as such.
11/29 c21 Axccel
I don't see why Broly would talk like that. Genocide was attempted against his people for no reason. And since there were plenty of diplomatic options still available, hell ongoing, even, it was indeed either no reason or, judging from the looting of his ships, pure greed and lust for power. This absolutely justifies returning the favor against whatever nation or nations did that or approved of it. At such an extreme, innocence means absolutely nothing. Then the heroes and villains got in the way of this entirely justified defense of his people.

I just don't see Broly, even your Broly, being against that in the slightest instead of saying "Welp, you dumbasses brought it on yourselves". Especially since the escalation was entirely on their part and is nothing that Tarble did. Heck, even removing the population is extremely suspicious as there was no reason to do so and the people involved are fully aware that Tarble is no threat to those people. Most likely it was done as part of turning the population against him through fearmongering, omitting what really happened, and generally lying.

And the level of power you're giving the "heroes" is still utterly laughably out of character. They should be dead a million times over. And the powered armor? The only time that works against the likes of Superman is by using kryptonite or because the writers wanted the fight to go the way it did. A fanfic crossover should never work that way because the entire point is to put two settings together and watch what happens. Buffing and nerfing to "balance" it defeats the point.
11/29 c20 Axccel
What was Wonder Girl referring to? After what he's done? Oh no, how dare you defend yourself! How dare you attempt to punish those who tried to commit genocide (or downright freaking omnicide at this point) against your empire! Is that what she means? He really should have rubbed that in her face. These morons are fighting him for literally no reason and they're too arrogant or stupid to realize it. Or they've been thoroughly lied to.
11/29 c17 Axccel
Why do writers make kryptonians so powerful? They're not. At all. Superman wouldn't have chance in Hell against him. Wouldn't even be a good fight against Saiyan Saga Vegeta, though at least not entirely at least.

Is there any crossover, ever, that doesn't try to "balance" the powers? It's just so stupid. Why make a crossover if you're going to do that?

This fight should have been as if Tarble were a Primarch and Superman was an alien toddler.

And I don't think the soul engraving thing is needed. Ki is basically spirit energy, after all.

I assume that like every other writer you won't have any consequences or none that make any sense, either. Unless it's to shit on the MC, of course. Like how this attack would cause any other faction in the galaxy, hell universe, to see Earth as an existential threat that needs to be obliterated ASAP. Or how this attack or the Justice League's interference with Tarble, even independently, would cause any other space faring people to view Earth as just hostile and not even consider attempting diplomatic contact.

The Justice League sure does act in the exact opposite of its name when their feelings are on the line.
11/29 c16 Axccel
Doubt Earth would have the capability to do that. Or to fight even the weakest of soldiers of like, anyone in DBZ. And stealing the tech? Useless, reverse-engineering only works when you have basically the same tech and advancement and even then is unreliable and inferior. Which is why China relies so heavily on stealing info.
11/29 c15 Axccel
I like how your Tarble is basically a successful Space Spartacus.
11/29 c14 Axccel
Another excellent example of how the heroes of DC have a downright psychopathic streak. Like considering whether or not to give the information. Oh yeah, so long as you can keep your bubble of feeling needed on Earth, who cares if a ton of people are being murdered or enslaved that you could effortlessly have saved? Screw them, feeling special is more important!

Not that any amount of preparation would matter even against Saiyan Saga level Vegeta, let alone this story's Tarble. Even super saiyan is completely unneeded and just utter overkill.
11/29 c5 Axccel
The DC "heroes" often do things like this. Prioritizing their feelings over what is actually right. Is trying to capture or kill someone for murdering someone right when you know the consequences is perhaps trillions of people suffering and dying for it? No, of course not. But, to the DC heroes, the consequences are irrelevant. They think in ways that indicate that they don't even perceive consequences as being caused by their actions. As if the two are entirely separate. They don't think "I stopped this guy, which caused the people he was protecting to be killed". They think "I stopped this guy. Those people over there were killed". This is one of the many reasons why Marvel is far superior. Choices, actions, and consequences are very heavily involved elements in Marvel, often the root of story arcs and the responsibility that comes with their own decisions.

"If there are those with wealth, there are those without" is not remotely true. America is a prime example of that. Look at the poor in the US, almost all of them are the result of choosing not to pursue the readily available education and jobs from that, or choosing not to pursue careers or other employment higher than flipping burgers or digging ditches. The same for homelessness, almost all homeless choose to be. You cannot solve "problems" that are simply people's own choices. The rest is Democrats being utterly incompetent at economics (or malevolently damaging it to increase their own wealth, whichever).

Kings have historically been checked by both the nobility and the bureaucracy, which also acted as a buffer between the rulers and the ruled. Contrary to popular belief, kings were not dictators and had no such degree of power. It would be more accurate to think of them as the chairmen of the aristocracy.
11/29 c4 Axccel
Barbara is wrong about precedence. All it does is allow judges to legislate from the bench. Countless laws are enforced in blatantly unlawful manners because some judge ruled in a way that contradicted the law they ruled on. But, precedence is treated as taking priority over whatever the law actually says. This is also how we got to the point we're at now in which judges commonly, openly just make up laws on the spot or completely ignore laws they don't want to enforce while making rulings. Even that judge during President Trump's term who put a hold on his order to stop travel to and from various terrorist hot-spot countries even though the US Constitution explicitly states that a President can forbid travel if he thinks it's necessary. It isn't even worded in a flowery or complex manner. Yet, the judge was treated as having power superior to that of the Constitution.

The only thing precedence does is invalidate law and lawmakers.
11/29 c2 Axccel
He could easily have enticed the people of Earth with information about the result of human-saiyan hyrbids, do some sciences stuff. Make it clear how powerful their descendants would be and that their children would not need to fear yet more invasions every again as they could easily curbstomp any threat.
11/29 c1 Axccel
Explain to them how ridiculously overpowered saiyan-human hybrids are and they'll be gung-ho to settle.
11/18 c1 2KarmaHoudini
The only reason I began to suscribe to patreon was for this fic. Your current fic are still good but noHzre near as good as this one . Hope you come back soon.
11/17 c54 whytf
Please come back to this story, this is THE best DB x DC crossover. Others would just do Supes vs Goku to satisfy their wank.
11/6 c46 43TheRagFromTheCrag
When you come back we need more of Elery and way more of Teach
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