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12/31/2021 c1 4Damarice
There's so much words I'm reading but the emotion is there. This is so heartwarming. To which your lips will unconsciously 'aww' at the story and smile because it's awesome. Thanks!
8/18/2021 c1 17nalu4emily
Such beautiful writing and story telling. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to write this heartfelt piece.
8/2/2021 c1 LadyTeehee
Loved, loved . loved it! What a great story!
7/22/2021 c1 4Nostromo13
I can’t stress enough how much this story is everything. Thank you for writing this. If you end up doing a part two of this I will absolutely read. However, this story is so perfect as it is. Poor Lucy! I’m no doctor but it feels a lot like she’s suffering Post Traumatic Stress. I’d love to see you explore that a bit more but no worries if not!
7/14/2021 c1 xennia-x
i love this TT
7/10/2021 c1 9PinkyZiel
this... oh god... this is everything
7/8/2021 c1 6Mishkin
Okay I need more of this immediately. I loved your characterization!
7/8/2021 c1 Crxscent
I love this so much, it's so well written. No "and his love made it all go away" bs but just a very sweet realistic view of it all, with the characters so beautifully written. You did such a damn good job, keep it up
7/7/2021 c1 3earth17
This is so good!
7/6/2021 c1 Copperreign12
Really like this story! Amazing!
Thank you!

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