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7/22 c7 135Lushcoltrane
I thought the demon-child was a manifestation of Jade's inner turmoil. Didn't see 'her' being an actual demon - until the thing tried to get Jade to kill Tori.
7/21 c7 99ScottyBgood
Surprisingly simple ending. Jade's rejection of her dark side probably did more to kill the little girl then the knife, but I'm sure the decision to not hurt Tori, to fight to protect her, was also a part of it. I doubt the feelings are gone, just the manifestation. So, how'd that happen?
7/21 c7 138Invader Johnny
Ok wow, thanks explaining who that little girl was... So does that mean that the moment Jade killed her that she finally came to terms with her lost childhood and that while she can't change the past that she can still have a better future?

A future where Tori is part of her life maybe?

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
7/20 c6 135Lushcoltrane
Both feel guilty about the stabbing makes sense even though they've both been set up. Sinjin too, I'd guess. And now the mystery kid...

To quote a well-used quote, the mystery deepens.
7/19 c6 99ScottyBgood
So now the girls started leaving clues, so lets see what she wants from them. I, for one, am left wondering what she wants and why she replaced the knife.
7/19 c6 138Invader Johnny
I can say this, both Jade and Tori feel the guilt and responsibility of what happened and now that Tori too saw the little girl, they're going to rely on each other now.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
7/17 c5 135Lushcoltrane
I was expecting drama but this is a complete surprise! More please. Soon...
7/17 c5 99ScottyBgood
Okay, now I'm convinced that the little girl isn't necessarily Jade. She is, however, willing to kill, changing out the prop knife. Tori is gonna be living with that the rest of her life.
7/16 c5 138Invader Johnny
OMG... Tori went a little too far in the second rehersal... Wasn't expecting that... Now what will happen next?

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
7/15 c4 135Lushcoltrane
The little girl is a nice Twilight Zone touch, unless I'm sorely mistaken. I'm looking forward to seeing this subplot develop.
7/14 c4 99ScottyBgood
Looks like Jade's haunting has something to say after all. I wonder, how is the play boring? What is it Jade's inner child wants added? Almost time for Tori to discover Jade's slipping, and start solving this little dilemma. Then again, we haven't even made it to rehearsals yet. The darkest drama happens around opening night.
7/14 c4 138Invader Johnny
Not going to lie, I'm very surprised Jade gave Tori the role but then again, she earned it.

as for the little girl calling Jade's play boring? big mistake and from the looks of it she is going to make sure that her her isn't boring.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
7/13 c3 135Lushcoltrane
Interesting place to leave it. Looking forward to the next audition.
7/12 c3 99ScottyBgood
Jade's been in for a load of surprises today. People don't have to be like a character to play them. Robbie could disappear into the bad boy, while Beck wanted to try the father. This should give Tori her chance, assuming she can play Janet's emotional center.
7/12 c3 DetLove
Great chapter can't wait for the next one
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