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5/24 c20 2December Jeffries2
The family dinner, was very entertaining. I'm ecstatic, that Emily and Francine put Shira in her place. How can someone that literally screwed her way into society, ever believe she has the right to tell Rory, who is the product of two society families that she isn't good enough? I wonder if Emily and Francine, will destroy Shira publicly. Will Shira be blacklisted? I'm pretty sure, that if both of Rory's grandmas were to tell the other woman in high society what Shira said to their granddaughter and make them choose between still befriending her, which would anger the matriarchs, or will they support them and make Shira, public enemy number one? I doubt anyone would want to be on the bad side of the Hayden's and Gilmores. Shira has committed social suicide, all because she didn't know her place.
5/22 c20 bseriel
Ugh, I’m not getting into a relationship again in till I find someone like Logan lol
5/22 c20 dsetdks
Great chapter! Loved it!
5/21 c20 52shari
It’s nice that Rory has Stephanie to talk to. Logan had firsts as did Rory. Huntzberger’s need to get over themselves
4/26 c1 kelly osland
I’m curious what happens next
3/2 c1 keraatchley05
Loved it
1/30 c19 jordana60
I love Finn! We all could use a little Finn in our lives! I am a complete fan of Rory not accepting Mitchum’s offer, and I almost cheered!Finn calling him Mitch was priceless!) I could practically feel the dynamics change in the room as soon as the kids left. I can’t wait for the ski trip!
1/27 c19 December Jeffries2
I just read all nineteen chapters of this story and am now hooked and patiently (impatiently) waiting for your next update. I really hope you disclose what happened with the elders, once Logan, Rory and Finn left. Lorelei is definitely a better mom and person in this story. She is much more open minded about Rory being involved in high society. I hope that Francine and Emily make Shira pay for disrespecting their granddaughter. The gang’s ski trip should be as entertaining as their trip to Miami was. Rory has more of a backbone in this story and I like this version of her, more than the OS and definitely the revival. I was concerned in the beginning of this story that Rory and Tristan were going to be a couple but I actually like how his presence served a purpose. Rory probably wouldn’t have never took a chance with Logan if Tristan hadn’t showed her how to let down her guard and seize the moment. Fantastic story and I can’t wait for more.
1/20 c19 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
1/19 c19 bseriel
I’m glad that Mitchum really does seem to have Logan’s best interest at heart even if he doesn’t show it
1/19 c19 Guest
Ooh I wonder what’s in store for Shira and Elias.
1/19 c19 52shari
Oh what an interesting dinner group. You gotta love Finn. Mitchum doesn’t know Rory if he thought he could buy his way out of the poopoo. Seems Shira and Elias are the ones who should of been apologizing. Oh don’t mess with Emily and Francine if it concerns Rory being mistreated
1/14 c18 LAtoNE09
This is such a beautiful story! If you happen to write more let me know. So fun.
1/6 c18 Susan
I like this version of Rory's 1st dinner at Huntsbergers. More confident, putting the Hayden name out there...Did Logan know she was a Hayden? I hope you continue with this story
1/3 c18 LissaP
I just love it when Shira gets put in her place! Thank you!
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