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1/1 c18 jordana60
I love that being with The LDB has helped loosen Rory up a bit. Finn’s impromptu dance marathon sounded like a blast. This dinner went so much better than the original one. Rory standing up for herself set the tone for her relationship, or non relationship, with The Huntzbergers. When Logan and Rory do finally get that alone time and are ready, the sexual tension that’s released will be off the charts!
1/1 c17 jordana60
Omg I smiled through this whole chapter! The water event was so much fun, and I was able to visualize everything! We all need a Finn in our lives. I’m so excited to see what happens next.
12/26/2021 c18 4YaleAceBella12
please write more.
12/26/2021 c18 bseriel
Dam Logan think way into the future does Rory agree with that picture, hmm? Can’t wait to read more
12/26/2021 c18 52shari
Rory getting to expense just being spontaneous seems to be a freeing feeling
12/26/2021 c18 JTRF
Much prefer this meeting of Logan's parents than the TV version. Great update. Can't wait for the next!
9/22/2021 c1 Susan
I enjoyed this story. More chapters? Or another story? You r talented
9/18/2021 c17 calire de l'aube
J’adore ton histoire !
9/13/2021 c17 52shari
Love the fun and Finn games. Finns a good friend to help the boys pull out all the stops for a romantic night with the girls. Have to have some Finn humor
9/12/2021 c17 bseriel
Okay.. so now not only do I need a Logan Huntzberger in my life but also a friend like Fin? My expectations just sky rocketed
9/12/2021 c16 jordana60
That was a night of happy beginnings. I think it was a good thing that Logan and Rory didn’t actually have sex yet. Logan was so sweet, and I can’t wait for the date.
9/12/2021 c15 jordana60
I feel the same way about taking off and landing on a plane! It was cute how Logan and Rory were testing the waters with each other on the plane. I agree that holding hands and touching can be more intimate than sex sometimes.
This is the way you vacation in style! I can only imagine what being in a suite like that would be like. I absolutely adore Finn! He certainly knows how to get a party started! Now, Colin and Steph opened up a line of communication and now they just have to use it, and Rory and Logan’s kiss was well worth the wait!
9/12/2021 c14 jordana60
I like the friendship between Colin and Rory. I always thought Colin and a bit of a free spirit in him if her could just loosen up! I saw it in the revival.
It’s funny how people on the outside of something can see something so clearly that the 2 people involved are blind to. I’m glad Colin hinted to both Rory and Logan that feelings were involved on both sides.
I might be stealing , “ plastics fantastic” from you. I like that you put Duncan in there, and I hope Colin and Steph stop playing games.
9/11/2021 c16 bseriel
Daaaaammmmm that escalated pretty quickly I’m glad they didn’t have sex with out knowing what they are yet, i have high hope for both couples just wonder what happen to the gay Steph had
9/11/2021 c15 bseriel
Wow! I can picture vividly this whole chapter, I’m glad Finn made them kiss I really hope they go back home as a couple
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