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12/23/2021 c2 12Parkerbear
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm so late to this story but it's SOOOO GOOD. WHY? HOW did I miss it? Honestly I suspect it might've been because I had that aversion to AUs that got shaken with Fry Ren and now I'm finding things I've missed. SO good. Wonderful pacing, great characters, great dialogue, everything tied up in a wonderful HEA. Everyone one could hope for. Thanks so much!
12/15/2021 c1 2Vandelle
This was simply delightful! At first I thought maybe I was biased (I have a major soft spot for royalty/guard and bodyguard/ward dynamics), but the more I read, the more I just let myself get lost in the story. Very tender vibes, very cozy read. And can I also say, as someone who doesn't usually bother all that much with AUs? The fairytale retrofit is really enjoyable! I wasn't expecting to like it, but damned if you didn't reel me in :)
11/23/2021 c2 thinkinfire
this story was adorable! please write about the wedding and how kyoko adjusts to her life in Yuwessa!
10/6/2021 c2 Laurachan03
Such a good idea and you did wonders in only two chapters. I’d love to read this in a longer more detailed story ️
9/24/2021 c2 27Jhiz
How cute. I thoroughly enjoyed this bit of fluffy fairytale. You did a great job incorporating many of the Skipbeat characters into this happy little story. I especially liked how the short discussion on love mirrored the Bo exchange on love.
Is it bad for me to hope that if Sho becomes king that the far superior kingdom across the little sea strong arms him out of power in a bloodless takeover that places Kyoko and Kuon in charge of the country?
8/9/2021 c2 midori144
Oh! <3 What a wonderful story! I absolutely loved every minute reading it. You are a fantastic writer. Thank you for sharing this story.
7/28/2021 c2 lialee
I wish there was moreThanks for a great and fun story
7/24/2021 c2 63EmilyF.6
This was such a sweet, fun story! I love how you incorporated parts of the manga while still making it feel completely original! Thank you so much for sharing! If you ever wanted to write more, I’d love to read it!
7/21/2021 c2 H-Nala
Are we going to get a royal wedding?
7/16/2021 c2 RukiYuki
Aww hope they have pleasant journey
7/15/2021 c1 RukiYuki
Oh my gosh reino this guy arrgghh and where kuon when she needs him most gaaah
7/14/2021 c2 KyogamiChan
I love this story. Not sure if it's completed or not yet. It'll be good to have more though :D thanks for this nice story.
7/13/2021 c2 SumRedDreamer
This was so heartwarming! Thank you very much for writing it.
7/12/2021 c2 Lorigami8
I love your amazing story! I’m glad you had Kuon be so upfront with his feelings. I also like how Sho got no attention whatsoever :p
7/12/2021 c2 Goodtome
I so enjoyed it wishing there was more of it to read wonderful job
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