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9/14 c33 Guest
Yep! Emily could see it all clearly!
9/10 c34 James Birdsong
Good thirty-one stories. :)
9/10 c34 77Cutetyhil
Hahaha hahaha this was cute!
8/23 c33 2Sugar peanut
Emily just saw through them no doubt. And the thing she just straightforwardly mentioned about the child they're going to have. The courage she had. Tyhil denying everything but sneakily being together was nice.

Keep writing.
8/23 c32 Sugar peanut
"That's my Hil" this sentence ahh I loved it. And Tyson poking her cheeks with a chopsticks. Also that prince thing she talked about. So fluffy it felt really nice. He appreciated her work and all I think someone like her who always supported him deserved it.

Keep writing
8/19 c33 77Cutetyhil
THIS HAS TO BE THE SWEETEEST AND MOST MOST UNIQUE thing ever written for TyHil! Like literally you've inserted it in thr right place and right time! I'm in totally love with this chapter. Seriously just even imagining that they were dating in G rev makes me fly in happiness to the veryyy enddd. Awwww I just can't stop but imagine them really dating secretly through G rev. Let's just imagine that they were dating really and that's why Tyson got slightly angry when Tao, that old man teased Tyson in Italy of being stuck in love with Hilary. You know this episode right?

Emily was such a sweet matchmaker and she directly jumped on the cuteness of their baby, I could imagine the whole scene and laughed so much, it was humorous and sweet both at the same time. Really such such a lovely chapter this was. Their sweet talks of night were even more soothing and endearing! :'D
8/17 c32 22Goldmineempire5
Here's a oneshot idea: How about you put Tyson and Hilary in different locations and they are staring at the moon and thinking of each other?
8/17 c31 Sanjibani Mohanty
OK, I'll admit my mind was more focused on the food rather than the story... *mouth drools*
Okay back to the story! Okay, can we have have synonym of sweet! I think the word is overrated now! And beautiful! I loved the ending part the most!
Mind : Endings are mostly good stupid.
Me : *distracted by the thought of the food on the table was over or not...
Yeah I was saying, it super duper cute beautiful. And peaceful. Tyson's appreciative side is always welcomed
Sam :)
8/16 c32 77Cutetyhil
The sweet double meaning of their last conversations was so sweet, they are always shining and so is he always looking her, noticing her! Aww!
It's so peaceful to seee Tyson matured up and praising his girl and her efforts:)
8/11 c31 2Sugar peanut
It's too hot. I mean I was literally blushing like crazy while reading but I cracked into a fit of laughter at the end when they're shouting at eachother during the confession part.
Sooo nice.
Keep writing.
8/6 c30 Sugar peanut
I loved that awkward part literally both panicking by watching TV. And their bickering is wholesome.
Keep writing.
8/6 c29 Sugar peanut
Sooo good.
Tyson is really obsessed with Hillary's hair. On the other hand Hilary is totally frustrated.
It was nice. Please keep writing.
8/6 c30 77Cutetyhil
Damn what were they even doing! At an age of 12! I can't imagine that, not at all. Haha
8/3 c29 1Shippingstoryteller1
although all the chapters are pretty nice. I liked the middle one's more.
8/3 c29 77Cutetyhil
Made me feel as if I'd over dosed on hot dark chocolate and now I'm sleepy from the ecstacy xD sweet and cheeky one! Too much of young yeenage romancing! That too in a restaurant! Sheh xD
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