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for When the World Seems Aganist You

11/11/2022 c12 3Lay Lord
you really do Inko dirty in this fic.
3/10/2022 c4 Guest
WTF is this? Who was it that called? Why would Izuku go there? None of this makes any sense!
3/12/2022 c27 Scarease
Endeaver need the Pole ripped out of his butt.
3/12/2022 c27 96Dsman
oh yeah Izuku did kinda screw over all the hero's
3/12/2022 c27 fencer29
I WAS JOKING! (or at least I was half-joking about the "man" being Tsukauchi). And now, because Denki's "friend" left via the same way he came, even if the detective were to try and identify the boy using video from a security camera covering the entrance to the apartment building he'll find nothing.

And while Nezu appears to be looking at the website, he may not notice the similarities in art styles between the popular web artist and the mystery analyst ("All you humans look alike to me."). So unless Midnight happens to see a picture from one of the journals no one is likely to recognize that connection any time soon.
3/9/2022 c26 Scarease
some going Happy High for while shit ton of followers and First real freind in long time .
3/8/2022 c26 fencer29
Let me guess - the man with black hair, a tie and a trench coat was actually Detective Tsukauchi, who was forced to put aside the mystery analyst case for the moment in order to conduct some routine police business (such as performing security checks on all UA students homes). Once again, missed it by that much!
3/8/2022 c26 Dsman
I know how this works, wheres the other shoe
3/8/2022 c26 shukkets
2/21/2022 c25 Dsman
if orange juice a song? interesting I now want to hear this son
2/21/2022 c25 fencer29
"Shoto! What is this I hear about you your sister staying up all night the other day waiting for you to come home. It's bad enough that she wouldn't have told me had I not returned home from the office early that morning and caught her falling asleep as she prepared her breakfast, but on top of that I'm told that your explanation was that you were "talking with a friend"! Friends are little more than a distraction in the world we occupy! If you have that much energy then you should dedicate toward training, in order to fulfil our destiny!"
2/21/2022 c25 grezav
I really, really like this story. It shows what it truly feels like being quirkless in that world. That heavy and suffocating feeling when everyone around you don't think you could even have a bright future. Even his mom thinks of it, albeit not saying it outright.

Also, for me this story really gives a proper outlook of why he is so nervous and unconfidenct about himself in the manga. With all this barrelling down on him, you could understand even after all the pain he went through before getting a quirk, flipping over to living as if he now has a bright future, is still something needing to get used to.
2/20/2022 c25 shukkets
2/20/2022 c24 60AngelFallenDemon
wow piss poor mom of the year. wow everyone is ignoring all the warning signs flashing bright red.
hope for more soon
1/27/2022 c24 Guest
Now we all can agree that Aldera deserve a school shooting. All of the staff deserve all bullet in the head.
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