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for Change of Heart

7/18/2021 c6 Guest
How do you always come up with such adventurous romantic stories? I'm always laughing, crying and swooning when I read your fics.
7/18/2021 c7 JuneOfTheVilla
I never liked Roy in any story until this one. GO GIL, GO!
7/18/2021 c7 Bananifer
Oh I loved Roy in this story! I always thought that too many fanfics made him a villain. Looking forward to some Shirbert romance in the next few days!
7/18/2021 c7 3Lavinia Maxwell
Love it ️
7/18/2021 c7 Guest
Gilbert's skating across the ice to get to Anne! Now will she appreciate that, probably not. All the hullabaloo in this chapter was funny. Roy isn't a bad guy I guess, just accustomed to a certain kind of life. He's not suited for a girl who's used to getting her hands dirty, not to mention one who's in deep denial over her feelings for another guy.
7/18/2021 c7 Guest
Absolutely love this story thank you for sharing
7/18/2021 c7 Regina56
Well I’m glad I’m off work today and can review!
After the last chapter I watched a short video about the ice boats and now I have a better visualisation of them. (Your descriptions were wonderfully detailed and totally on the mark.)
However, there is no way I could imagine taking one of those boats myself. Unless it’s in a rink, I don’t wanna be on any ice.
This was a great chapter and very surprising.
I can’t wait for the next!
7/18/2021 c6 Lavinia Maxwell
No! Gilbert Blythe is leaving : (
7/18/2021 c6 Regina56
So the logical thing would’ve been for the two guys to share a room and Anne would have the other, right? Roy is a spoiled brat for wanting the big bed to himself. College kids are used to crowded quarters and sleeping on floors. At that age all I cared about was a roof and a shower. My son and his frat bros went to Atlantic City this weekend where they discovered the hotel gave away one of their rooms and they all ended up in one room, 4 guys with a king bed and a cot. They were ticked but I laughed when I heard about it.

I loved the honest communication among the young people. They are all due for some introspection. I do feel for Anne, though. She’s having that awful moment where one suddenly sees with clarity all the red flags in a relationship that once held so much promise. So, what does she do from here ?
Roy is not stupid either. He sees what is going on between Anne and Gilbert better than she does.

That ice crossing is scary, and there are children and elderly braving it! I keep thinking about the Titantic.
(Roy does remind me of Rose’s cowardly society fiancée Cal, and I guess Gilbert is Jack here. The beautiful Rose was a redhead too, come to think of it.)
Bravo to you, Kwak, for writing about these ice boat excursions that I never knew existed. I always learn something from you with each new story.
7/18/2021 c6 7wishwars
I don’t like how Roy is determined that Anne prove her love for him by giving up seeing the family she has to.d him time and again she misses like crazy! Though I did like their conversation about love at the end. And the fact that Gilbert was in the bed XD
7/18/2021 c6 Guest
this is the best chapter yet. The whole paragraph of Anne saluting the sun was glorious. Is this the end for Anne and Roy? Or is she still going to stay with him out of sheer stubbornness? Their relationship is just treading water but Anne does all the work while making excuses for him. Roy is right, though in that they just *happened* - happened to see each other that day and decided that they must be in love and that's that. That being said, it's been interesting to actually see Anne and Roy's relationship, since no one usually writes about it so kudos!
Why is Anne letting Gilbert believe that Roy is her fiancé and that they're sharing a bed? Oh Gil. Why can I never get enough of that lovesick boy and his broad shoulders? *_* And now he's not even going home for christmas! ( Why must Anne be so mean to him? It's like it's her default setting when it comes to him - stubborn, lash out, puts up her walls etc. She's so in denial that she ignored his pine scent in the room all night with her, even though it smelled like home! Take a hint girl! I'm so happy you are updating this story every day! I'm obsessed! :-*
P.S I listened to I Giorni while reading this. Pretty sure you recommended it for one of your stories once.
7/18/2021 c6 22katherine-with-a-k
Hello person below,
Sorry the chapter hadn't turned up when you looked. This site says it can take up to four hours for it to be posted. I hope you try again later. k.
7/18/2021 c5 Guest
It says chapter 6 has been added but there's still only 5? \_(ツ)_/
7/17/2021 c4 7Formerly known as J
Oh my, kwaky, I love this Roy! He is so out of his comfort zone, and it's hilarious to watch. Yes, watch, not read, you know I always see your stories like a little movie playing out in my head. This chapter was no exception. Your writing is just astonishing ~ so much research so effortlessly displayed, and I love you for it.

Yes, I also love Roy, and I'm delighted by his purchase of the rubber lined fur coat, it's perfect that he thinks lashing money about will be the way to get things done. I suppose it's worked for him his whole life, so why not now. I loved the girls regaling him with tales of the treacherous crossings. But what is this with Priss? Are you hinting that she might have a little crush on Roy? The way she sighed over his gift to Anne and Stella's sharp glance at her got me thinking... hmmm. Love the way Priss goes all golden in the firelight. Such kwaky goodness. :)

However, it was Anne bossing those men, taking charge and admonishing them not to drink anymore that really got me smiling. That's our girl! You also got me wondering at the letter addressed in Fred's handwriting. What could have happened that he would write to Anne? Is there trouble in paradise? Surely not this early? Argh! I have so many questions swirling in my head right now!

Even Roy notices how good Anne and Gilbert look together. Perhaps even Anne is starting to realise why she blushes so hard at the mention of his name. But that flipper soup and the 2 bottles of wine. No wonder Roy hurled at Anne's feet after that. Hahaha. Poor Roy! And poor Anne. Fancy having spew all over your room - and her boots. You are the best, kwaks!

Fave line: Anne cutting the carrot on her plate when talking about Gilbert. You are so clever! ;)

Bonus points for the use of the word hullabaloo. That one word perfectly describes our Roy, and I adored it!
7/17/2021 c5 33piccolabimba
What peril (of all kinds)!
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