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7/17/2021 c2 AdeptatHumanError
"For goodness sake, aren't you afraid you might fall?"

"I've done it once already," he shrugged. "I know how to stop myself now.

Omg swoon. I'm going back to reread but I love the double meaning exchanges between these two. It's like, Gil can't help but love her. Not in a way that pressures Anne, but you tell he's also trying to convince himself, too. Ah, hopelessly-in-love Gil is my fave.
7/17/2021 c5 daisymaebcan
This is such a delicious tale! I loved the part when Anne and Gilbert were in the library all cozy together some chapters back. If only they were reconciled I could happily picture them spending days studying together there in his nook. And the humor is so fresh! Suffice it to say, I love what you're doing.
7/17/2021 c5 Guest
Also who knew that reading about ice boat crossings would be so interesting. You are such a great writer. I can't believe this is what people had to do to get home in winter.
7/17/2021 c5 Guest
Roy is such a man child! Yes it's funny, but SO exhausting. Imagine having to reassure him all day and night. Can't blame him for being insecure over Gilbert though. Who wouldn't be? Gilbert and his fine ass. :D Gilbert and Anne, who are equals and have a connection that just won't die no matter how many times Anne sticks her nose in the air and no matter how many times Gilbert tries not to fall over the edge again. 3 I wonder if he's going to try and get the necklace back before she can see it.
7/17/2021 c5 7wishwars
I looove all this info we’ve been getting about boat ice crossings! (I’m definitely on Priss’s side lol) I feel like Roy must look a bit of a fool, but I do feel bad that he’s clearly not ready for all this! And oh but the description of Gilbert falling… so lovely!
7/16/2021 c5 41oz diva
I know it's a minor note but I did like the comment that Roy looked like Captain Ross. I'm a bit of a sucker for those polar explorers. Can't imagine sailing through pack ice in a wooden ship (I have done it in an icebreaker). I do get the feeling that Anne was mocking Roy a bit, though I admit I'd resemble Ross too in Nova Scotia in December, brrr

This is a fun tale and I'm following closely to see how Roy fares at Diana's or in Anne's old bed. What will Marilla and Rachel make of him and will Davy (assuming he's around in this story) embarrass him?
7/16/2021 c5 Guest
Oh, I am not happy about Anne being sympathetic toward Roy or him even coming to the PEI! I am glad Gilbert caught up to them but Christmas will not be what I thought it was going to be before Roy showed up.
7/16/2021 c3 7Formerly known as J
Eeekk! You know I'm never going to be able to keep up with daily postings, kwaks. So I shall just proceed to review at my slow, FKAJ pace, because I shall be savouring every delicious chapter of this gorgeous story with relish!

First of all, didn't I just adore all the PP girls piled into the bedroom preparing for the Christmas concert. Their dialogue was perfect and your characterisations are simply to die for - Phil already dressed, Stella's earring choice, Priss and Stella helping Anne to dress in that tea gown, showing a bit too much bosom! I loved it all. I especially loved Phil's internal dialogue later to-ing and fro-ing as she realised her miscalculation, and her sage advice to Stella about dancing with a mannie like Gilbert Blythe.

And then poor Anne. And poor Roy. He's trying so hard, and yet, that sneeze! Hahaha, it's just not quite right with them, is it? Oooh, I love Anne really starting to realise he doesn't belong in her life and wanting her first kiss to feel like coming home. Yeah, baby, we all know who that would be, don't we? Argh! It's just wonderful! And who knew Roy could be so impulsive, deciding to join Anne on the train like that? Perhaps that show of bosom has stirred something in him? Hmmm.

But this Gilbert Blythe - ahhh, you've excelled yourself with him, kwaky! The way he notices Anne, the way he understands her. Rebuilding his pride, the walls he'd built, the perfect facade with Christine, filling himself up with Anne's laughter, finding the courage to ask her to dance - it's all just breathtaking! Imagine our Anne standing there like a wall flower? I love that it was Phil who delivered the crucial piece of information about the train Anne would be on. Sooo good.

Fave line: Gilbert Blythe has oodles of stamina. Ooohh la la! Ain't that the truth, Phil? ;)
Second fave: Is it a big one? LOL! I love you. x
7/16/2021 c5 8Catiegirl
I’m brimming with glee, I just love this! The thing I like is that this is so robust and healthy! Gil loves, but isn't wasting away pining, Roy is ridiculous but KNOWS he is and owns it, and here is Anne caught in the middle, seeing the best and worst in both them and herself! May I go away for a week with this trio? They are wonderful!
7/16/2021 c5 Regina56
That boat trip sounds like an absolute nightmare. I did like how Anne felt a surge of attraction for Roy when he finally let his hair down. That is what I’ve always found so alluring about nerdy guys; imagining that there’s a secret sexy side to be discovered. Roy isn’t really a nerd tho. Also, hangovers and boat rides are a bad combo. I don’t know about dating Roy but I’d def want to go shopping with him.
7/16/2021 c4 33piccolabimba
The Roy hate is real in this one! Thanks for the update.
7/16/2021 c4 MwithanE
I love this story, and the pace will bring me to the end of my vacation, which is perfect. I like that Roy depiction. I want to shake him.
7/16/2021 c4 Bananifer
All hail Queen Kwak! I’m thirsty for more, so a daily update will be amazing! It will get me through the rest of this 14 quarantine (from travel, not because we are ill. I’m fully vaccinated!)
7/16/2021 c4 Regina56
What a treacherous journey, I had no idea.
Roy is right in regards to the danger. My husband and I would never allow our boys to make such a commute to and fro school and I don’t care if that’s being soft.
Your characters are so wonderfully drawn, it’s what you do the best and the dialogue is authentic and revealing.
The religion wars-ouch. Everyone thinks theirs is superior and the Avonlea folks are just as bad.

This is a wonderful story Kwak.
7/16/2021 c4 Guest
Roy is so easy to laugh at, what with his reindeer skin coat and his constant thwarted attempts to kiss Anne, but I was not expecting him to ask about Gilbert. I guess he sees more than he lets on. I love seeing Anne all competent, dealing with those men, because she totally is.
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