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for Change of Heart

7/14/2021 c3 Guest
Almost as a nice as being alone! Ouch! This relationship is coming to its natural end, Gilbert or no Gilbert. I think this is the first time I have read about a Roy with sexual desire for Anne? he's usually portrayed as kind of asexual. Is it wrong that I want him to get kicked off the train for not having a ticket? :D I know that won't happen because money talks etc.
7/14/2021 c3 PhonyqueenofE
That sneeze! It is what I (and perhaps Lynde) would call providential intervention! And Roy in Avonlea I can't even picture it this is shaping up to be a rather ~interesting~ Christmas holiday. Although he does not have a ticket could the train kick him off along the way? (I hope so)
7/14/2021 c3 Regina56
Every story of yours has its own unique flavor and I am enjoying this one immensely.
I do like the straightforward tone of this story and you’ve captured that time period so well. I always thought Gilbert’s gift of the heart pendant would’ve been a very forward thing to give a young lady who was only a friend if not for the joke behind it. ( Candy, books and flowers only, even from beaus.)
I can only imagine Roy’s reaction to it.
Oh my, Anne’s uncomfortableness at Roy’s touch was palpable here. The poor boy’s trying but she’s not feeling it.
So many things to appreciate here; the remark from Phil that Stella doesn’t like Roy because he isn’t Gilbert. Exactly. Roy is being compared to Gilbert instead of being appreciated for his own qualities and that’s not fair to him.
I’m Team Gilbert all the way but I do want things to work out happily for Roy. (Ok I have a son Roy’s age so I guess I’m wearing my mom hat)
The littlest details are wonderfully woven throughout, like the rainbow hued lantern lights Loved that !)
Oh and before I forget, “Is it a big one?”
How very Kwak.

This is a lovely Christmas in July gift, thank you!
7/14/2021 c3 Guest
"I almost forgot," she called to him, "I've got something that belongs to you!"

"I know," Gilbert murmured, as she disappeared from view. "You can keep it."

Excuse me while I swoon. I can never get enough of lovesick Gilbert.
7/14/2021 c3 Guest
Oh lord Roy's coming to the island! Is Gil going to end up on this train after all and therefore on the iceboat with Anne and Roy? Talk about awkward. Anne is all muddled up. No wonder she wants to have some alone time so badly. Is it wrong that I was disappointed that Roy and Anne didn't kiss? He is her boyfriend, after all. Give her a proper kiss! He's not a bad guy, he's just not the right guy. The right guy is the one who makes her feel like home, the hot smart guy who's heart she broke but who went and spent all his money on buying her an enamel heart necklace anyway. Oh Gilbert. 3
7/14/2021 c3 33piccolabimba
What!? And him without a ticket!
7/13/2021 c3 Guest
Thank you for the unexpected chapter!
Roy Gardiner is coming to Avonlea with Anne Shirley for Christmas?
7/13/2021 c3 Guest
Wonderful story thanks for writing
7/13/2021 c3 Bananifer
The juxtaposition of the end of this chapter and the goodbye from the tram in the last chapter was genius! I am enjoying this story so much!
7/13/2021 c3 7wishwars
Oh I just love Phil! I love her and Jo and I love being in her head lol what a delight! Also—“This is nice, she told herself. Almost as nice as being alone.”—Anne really should take this ad a sign to reevaluate what she wants lol and the idea of her kiss feeling like coming home? It’s like she’s almost to the thought but just can’t think it!
7/13/2021 c2 Guest
Love It! Can't wait for more!
7/13/2021 c2 wishwars
Oh I love how Anne is doubting! “her stomach clenching at the thought of a garden enclosed within walls” It seems a sign to heed that she doesn’t want to bring him home… also her disappointment that Gilbert didn’t buy her the pendant was sooo good!
7/13/2021 c2 Guest
Is the posting frequency question an adult version of the marshmallow test?
7/13/2021 c2 Alltheannes
3 times per week, please :)
7/13/2021 c2 Guest
I've reread both chapters multiple times. Update as often as you can, I'm so happy to have a new kwak story to obsess over. I love how quick you dealt with Christine - see what happens when they actually talk to each other! And Anne actually examining her feelings instead of ignoring them. I love that you always include the pink enamel heart in your stories. The first time I ever heard of iceboats was in your windy willows love letters fics. So your stories are educational as well as entertaining! :)
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