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7/8/2021 c1 Guest
So excited to see another of your stories on here . I know already this will become a favourite of mine, loved seeing Anne and Gilbert walking together and Anne’s reaction to the Gardner visit looking forward to reading more of this
7/8/2021 c1 7Formerly known as J
Thanks for the shout out, kwaky darling, do you know how SWEEEET it is to get a notification that there's a new katherine-with-a k story posted?! It never fails to give me a thrill! Gah! I'm in my lunch break, so I can't review fully. You know there'll be more (much, MUCH more!) later tonight, but I just had to pop in to say thanks for writing and sharing your remarkable talent with us again. This story is shaping up to be your best yet. I love it! And you. Mwah!
7/8/2021 c1 MwithanE
I would have read the whole 60,000 words in one-shot. It might have been a very short night however.
7/8/2021 c1 Regina56
This is quite lovely, Kwak.

I loved all the details about chapel and separate entrances for men and women; you must’ve done research on coed colleges of that era and it’s fascinating to me.
I was disappointed with LMM for omitting most of Anne’s college life and courtship with Roy. That final year of college seemed pretty rushed in AOTI. I like this portrayal of Roy so far, because you’ve written him in a way that is believable and makes me understand what it was that Anne saw in him. I never saw Roy as a bad person in canon but somehow he’s become a villain in a lot of fanfics.
I don’t mind at all that this a K story either.
The silliness and hi jinks of the young people here remind me of the Betsy-Tacy stories by Maud Hart Lovelace. (Another great author name.)
I’m re reading those books for the thousandth time because they are just a fun, entertaining summer read and this chapter reminds me of them a bit. I love a story that make me wish I was hanging out with the characters and you can write those kind of stories as well.
I see what you mean about there being more clarity and less misunderstandings in this story. I appreciate that and the way you show the playful side of Gilbert with the co eds; I hope we see more of that in this story.
As always, the chapter is so seamlessly written.

Thank you for this story, I will be eagerly following your updates.
7/8/2021 c1 JuneOfTheVilla
I love that u are writing an Anne story without unsaid trifling misunderstandings! I can't wait to read the next episode! I'm a big fan of yours, Kwak!
7/8/2021 c1 BirdieKitKat
I am THRILLED yo have a new KWAK story, but so sad that you decided not to just publish the whole thing in one fell swoop...even though that will make "flying up the wings of anticipation" for each chapter much more fun. :)
7/8/2021 c1 rosieface86
Oooh I love the start to this! So excited to read the rest!
7/8/2021 c1 8Catiegirl
YAY! this sounds just like the cup of tea that is needed right now. Glad to see you on here!
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