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for Change of Heart

8/14/2021 c11 4noraborealis
oh i just adored marilla in this chapter! and everything else about it, of course!
8/14/2021 c10 noraborealis
i also can't decide whether i love reading your diana or phil more! seeing her and anne's bosom friendship this chapter was delightful!
8/14/2021 c9 noraborealis
these two may be freezing cold, but this chapter was hot! haha that was super cheesy sorry.
8/14/2021 c8 noraborealis
i love how richly the icy and dangerous setting of the boat is paired with the tension between our two heroes...who will now be stranded on an iceberg together!
8/14/2021 c6 noraborealis
things are certainly getting spicier! anne, gilbert, and roy are all so perfectly drawn and you can see how each one is different from the other. i'm sorry these reviews aren't more in depth, i'm just so sucked in that i want to get to the next chapter and am not putting in much critical thought to each chapter's review. But I promise that the review of the whole story will be better!
8/14/2021 c5 noraborealis
wow, i loved the richly realized setting of the boat, and am excited to see the next interaction between anne and roy after he saw her with gilbert!
8/14/2021 c4 noraborealis
you've brought the setting to life so wonderfully in this chapter! poor roy is completely out of his element, and it's delightful to read. anne's homesickness and loyalty to the Island is so well written, both in this chapter and the previous one.

i look forward to seeing what becomes of anne's boots :)
8/14/2021 c3 noraborealis
I've never had any positive feelings towards Roy, a view that I think is shared by the vast majority of us Anne/Gilbert shippers, but in this story there is such sincerity in his pretentious rich boy-ness that it's incredibly enjoyable to read. Obviously, he and Anne just don't fit together, but he is trying so hard and keeps missing the mark. It's actually very endearing.
I look forward to reading about what I'm sure will be a very exciting trip to the Island!
8/14/2021 c2 noraborealis
So I read the first chapter of this story right after it was posted, but given the busyness of life, I wasn't able to keep up with the impressively fast updates as they came. Now that I've got some time off, I'm going to read the entire thing, and leave reviews for each chapter so that I stay on track and finish it.

This was a great chapter! I love love love the characterizations of the Patty's Place girls, especially Phil. Anne and Gilbert were great too, of course, as was Roy. It's nice to see the love triangle and revelations play out more slowly and surely instead of "You proposed to me, and only then did I realize I didn't love you!" and "You're about to die, and only then did I realize I DO love you!" Anne's internal struggle feels so real here. We're in her mind and you can understand and empathize with what she's feeling.

There were many individual lines in this chapter that made me chuckle to myself, or made me pause because they were so well written and reflected deep truths about the characters. Unfortunately, ff . net doesn't have a highlight feature, so I can't mark them for later :(

Anyways, marvelous work! On to the next chapter!
8/14/2021 c6 Guest
Did Anne just sleep in the same room as Gilbert?! I laughed at Roy’s knobby knees. Love this!
8/14/2021 c5 Guest
Now Anne realised she only ever had a crush on Roy. I’m glad she knows that now. Especially when she happened to noticed Gil’s butt. Lol. I loved them rowing together and that bit about Gilbert falling was so good.
8/13/2021 c4 Guest
Oh Roy! He’s funny. That reindeer coat with the rubber inside. I can’t imagine eating that seal pie and when he vomited at the end I wasn’t surprised! Interesting that he is jealous of Gilbert sometimes in the books I wondered if he knew about Anne and Gil at all
8/13/2021 c3 Guest
Hahaha! This chapter made me laugh so hard. Phil is a champ I love her so much. Love that priss and Stella have the best mirror. Love Gil changing his mind about getting on that train. But I didn’t expect Roy to go too! Now it’s getting juicy!
8/13/2021 c2 Guest
Love your characterisations. That pink heart! This story is so good
8/13/2021 c1 Guest
Oohh this story is off to a fantastic start! I love your writing
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