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8/13/2021 c8 Kushinka
Story was good in the beginning but the whole plot with trying to get to Island on boat is fucking dreadful. I'm skipping parts of story and get only important bits with Anne and Gilbert. I think I will just skip to chapter where they are already on land.
8/6/2021 c15 Nell Lime
Lively story. And lovely.
8/6/2021 c14 Nell Lime
Lovely last sentence.
8/6/2021 c12 Nell Lime
This chapter truly is a treasure!
8/6/2021 c10 Nell Lime
Lovely! Diana! Her reaction is perfect.
8/5/2021 c8 Nell Lime
Hooray Roy is gone. This is a wonderful adventure story and I am quite enjoying it.
8/5/2021 c2 Nell Lime
So I left off reading your story and I finished my goal for my own story. I’m quite enjoying it, you put in a lot of great details about the time. That makes the story come alive and except for the description of the rooms being used at Green Gables being off I was not jarred at all in the story even with Jo being an Anglican. I’m at Green Gables Matthew‘s old room was converted into a sitting room/kitchen for Mrs. Lynde. Davey had the west gable bedroom, Mrs. Lynde the former spare room, Anne the east gable, And Marilla’s room Was shared with Dora. I look forward to continuing to read the story and finishing it. Pat yourself on the back. - Nell
8/3/2021 c15 2caprubia
What a lovely story! I think that the length was perfect. All of your detailed fell into place wonderfully! I do love that he gave her a pearl necklace. I think my own infatuation with pearls and amethysts is rooted in Anne.
8/3/2021 c14 caprubia
"Marry me, marry me, marry me" made me grin SO MUCH. It feels so authentically Gilbert.
8/2/2021 c13 AnneNGil
Well done! Love how this story is being told. I loved the Anne and Gil face time and just being honest with one another. I get impatient sometimes with all the misunderstanding in other stories. This felt refreshing! I'm kind of surprised the story doesn't end here. I mean, I want to read more, of course, but this seemed like an ending you would find in a published book. Great work!
8/2/2021 c12 AnneNGil
"And even though Fred knew better than Papa, he let Papa boss him about. I knew then that was exactly what I wanted in a man". - lol! Best line! I thought you were going to follow it with:... Some one I can boss around... Lol!
8/1/2021 c11 AnneNGil
Dora was wrapping coloured paper around some pinecones, and pretending they were babies.

This line makes my heart so happy. Such a darling image.
7/29/2021 c15 BirdieKitKat
I love all your stories, but this one might be my new favorite (for now at least...that might change when I reread the others again lol). I enjoyed Royal and Priss finding their own kindred spirits and Roy growing into his own and standing up to his Mama. I enjoyed Mrs. Blythe and the Norwegian mittens. I enjoyed all the ice boat insanity and Murtagh. I LOVED the splint made from Anne's corset. I very much enjoyed Anne realizing what she wanted from life more gradually and with the help of friends. I enjoyed that her writing was taking off and that she got to sign an autograph. I enjoyed the steamy but laughter-filled proposal. I enjoyed the sweetness and naturalness of this story overall. It was just a really fun read. So THANK YOU!
7/29/2021 c14 BirdieKitKat
I love the way you're refocusing their romance away from the mistakes and misunderstandings and childhood into the adults they are becoming who have learned and grown and matured.
7/29/2021 c13 BirdieKitKat
Ys! What a wonderful idea to have them get to know each other again. So romantic and REAL.
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