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for Change of Heart

7/24/2021 c12 7wishwars
Oh no - everyone thinking they’re engaged XD I wonder if Gilbert realizes there’s such a fuss!
7/24/2021 c11 wishwars
I love that he named the boat the Naiad! And that Murtag came for Christmas lol
7/23/2021 c12 2caprubia
An abundance of hijinks really makes it feel like an Anne story! I've been delighted with how many moments you've been able to include.

I love how you tied in the mittens from the beginning to now! Your planning was perfection.

I'm DYING to have insight on what Gil's been thinking in regards to courting Anne or marriage. Obviously he still has feelings, that much has been made clear from his narrative. I hope if he asks again, it's not because of the outside pressure of everyone else thinking something happened between them.

Also Anne needs the necklace back. I don't want sunbursts or marble halls, I just want my enamel heart necklace... and you!
7/23/2021 c12 Guest
Such a good story I love the sense of kindred sprit between these two that Anne often dismisses. The mittens so sweet this story is just what I wanted a lovely romantic with ups and downs story a good old fashioned romance it’s brilliant
7/23/2021 c12 Allytb420
If Anne and Gilbert don't admit their feelings to each other in the next chapter I will scream! This story is addicting!
7/23/2021 c12 Astrakelly
For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying this story️
7/23/2021 c12 Bananifer
I loved this chapter! I can’t wait to read more.
7/23/2021 c12 3Lavinia Maxwell
I love how the both families think that Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe are going to be engaged! It was a truly funny chapter!
7/23/2021 c12 33piccolabimba
Yikes! What to do when everyone assumes you're engaged? I loved the mittens (also, was that what Diana meant when she said he'd prefer her 'messed up' star that looks like a flower?). Thanks for the update!
7/23/2021 c7 FKAJ
Sorry about the typos, darling. It comes from typing too quickly in my excitement for your gorgeous chapter. :)
7/23/2021 c7 7Formerly known as J
It's the tiniestest details that get me, kwaky. I forgot to mention last chapter how much I adored your naming of those boats. The 'Pilgrim' and the 'Progress' is just pure kwak genius, and only you would think of it. So, of course it's only right that this chapter should end with Roy's reminder that Anne must chisten the other vessel. I know you didn't want to divvy this up, but the way you can make these chapters whole and wholly satisfying is magical.

You know I loved our impossibly strong Gilbert Blythe lugging those mail bags, so heavy the boards of the pier jumped when he dropped them. Then hiring ice skates, the captain's observatio that he's a 'big un' (rrrr!). It made me think about Roy's comment in the previous chapter about Gilbert always trying to impress Anne. I'm not sure it's that exactly, it's just his way, as Anne said, but all these little details help me to understand how Roy simply had no chance. I adored Gilbert's entrance with the word "echo" while avoiding looking at Anne and Roy. Oh, how my heart bled for him! But what I enjoy most is his eye for details, and remembering things contrasted so beautifully with Roy, not quite getting names right, trying to be useful but failing abysmally. They're all just delightful.

And darling, darling Roy! He's gallant in defeat, and I loved him helping Gilbert to get to his girl. He's adorable AND handsome, and I can totally see why Anne would have a massive crush on him now.

My faves in this chapter: All the interactions between Roy and GB. I devoured them all!

Love this story so much. x
7/23/2021 c6 Formerly known as J
There is such a lilting quality to your writing here, kwaky, it’s breathtaking. Your prose is so lyrical in places I truly felt as though I was reading poetry. That entire para where Anne stretched her arms up to the sun was a joy. It’s such an Anne thing to do and such a beautiful picture you painted of our girl, I could just imagine her thanking the Snow Queen in such a fashion, it was exquisite.

But what about Gilbert, thinking Anne had given up on her dreams - nay given up her Island - for Roy! I loved him putting out the scorch marks on Anne’s petticoat with that image of her burned into his memory. Argh! So gorgeous. I loved our pair arguing together and Anne trying not to perv at Gilbert’s big brown chest and watching him get dressed. Grrrr!

Favourite line: Gilbert’s “Something like that.” Divine!
7/23/2021 c5 Formerly known as J
I know, I know, I’m woefully behind now. But that’s not gonna stop me from delighting in every delicious chapter. YOU know, kwaks.

First off, I loved Anne realising she merely had a crush on Roy. It’s what we’ve always known, but to have her realise it at this early juncture is just wonderful. Then I loved her arguing with herself but my fave was Roy turning up looking like Captain Ross. This Roy, like your RD Roy and his cape, will forever be remembered for his clothing choices, and I love it! He’s totally out of his depth here, and the contrast with our intrepid pair just makes me smile.

Between Gilbert appearing to pull the Pilgrim on his own, to Anne doing the rowing for Roy, our pair are just adorable. You know I love it when you have Anne and Gilbert working as a team, then competing with each other and then you practically had them reading each other’s minds! But the way you described Gilbert falling just about brought me to tears. It’s all too divine!

Fave line: “I hadn’t noticed,” Anne said frostily.
Or was it: There I was thinking you never listened to me.
Hahaha! Oh, kwaks, you write this pair so well!
7/22/2021 c11 2caprubia
I grinned when Gilbert said the line "I don't want her to see," it feels SO Anne being in the middle of a something gone wrong and having to try to cover it up. She was entirely prepped for a situation like this!

My poor, poor heart! I can't believe that the necklace has been misplaced. I sure hope that she finds it. It's an integral part of Anne's lore! But really I love the drama and angst - it's so delicious and delightful seeing Anne fall in love. The books did not spend enough time having Anne pine over Gilbert, too much was focused on Roy and then she immediately slipped into a happily ever after with Gil. The payoff will be well worth it, you've never failed to impress me!
7/22/2021 c11 33piccolabimba
Oh Gil! Nice work on this alternate version of events, but yes, it is agonizing! What's that girl's problem anyway? Thanks for the update!
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