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for In This Lifetime, Only With You

12/1 c1 Naheiah
J'ai hâte de lire la suite !
Vous allez bientot mettre à jour ?
11/23 c1 4Shion Lee
This is interesting. I’m sooo looking forward to more!
10/12 c1 The badass penguin
Please continue cuz this is great
9/2 c1 qqn
Ça à l'air intéressant, j'attends la suite pour me faire une meilleure idée.
8/29 c1 mmha
Amazing chapter :)
8/18 c1 Ohhbabygirl
interesting! but is Naruto still a ninja?
8/6 c1 1yuzuki arashi
What is this? This is so damn good. I love it
7/21 c1 Sara Elsherbiny
Honestly i love this ship very much, but sadly there's not a lot of stories for them
Very happy to see this
Will definitely wait for the upcoming chapters
7/9 c1 2delatte
i love this
7/9 c1 luffya139
Nice! Like the ship.
7/9 c1 Fatedcouple143
Ohhhh this is new... i've would love this story to be continue... please author-sama continue this beautiful story that you created... please.

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