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for Kate and Inspector Colin HuntRR1

8/11/2021 c1 castle2126
Beckett is the motherf*****g bitch she is whore after all Castle jad done she is discussing a future with hunt and she could never give a chance to Castle in four years. She deserve to die like her all alone like a trash
7/12/2021 c1 Guest
All your stories are the same I wish you would finish what you start because for the .out part I like them
7/11/2021 c1 Guest
Beckett won't let Castle get in her pants but she doesn't seem to have a problem letting everyone else in.
7/11/2021 c1 Guest
well the whore beckett is back great
7/11/2021 c1 OregOh
Did think it odd for the showrunners to use the last name of Hunt for both Colin and for Jackson. Does that mean due to the results of her night with Colin that Kate's child becomes Rick's nephew?
7/11/2021 c1 Pmt0622
Seems that you are closely following the show based upon Kate's facial expression the next morning when she greets Rick at the parking ramp.

So some results will be coming, did think with the numbers of men she took to her bed on the show that there should have been a few pregnancy scares during the first five seasons.
7/10/2021 c1 Treashuntr
This reminds me of a previous story of Kate having Hunt’s baby! Sad story with a sad ending.
7/10/2021 c1 SaintHeartwing
let me know what you think ;p I got aroused from it.

Stitch's Midnight Snack

The alien known as Stitch (formerly Experiment 626) had gotten used to his life on the planet Earth and more specifically, the islands of Hawaii. He enjoyed living with his best friend, the human girl named Lilo and her sister Nani. Life was perfect for the little experiment. He had a nice warm home, loyal friends, and access to plenty of good food.

…..Well, for that last point, that applied only most of the time. Nani was the sole provider of income for the family, as her and Lilo's parents had tragically died a few years ago. Thus, they were only able to go out to a restaurant once every few weeks, and Nani often had to get groceries from the discount supermarket. Stich and Lilo didn't mind, though the alien did have a preference for meaty dishes. A roast pig was one he always loved to have (and often had to be reminded to share).

One peaceful night, as the rest of the house was resting, Stitch was awoken by a terrifying rumbling. The rumbling…of his stomach.

"Meega hungry," Stitch said, quietly getting out of bed to go over to the refrigerator to find something to be a nice midnight snack. He envisioned many different tasty treats in his head, all of them making him drool enough to create a noticeable puddle on the floor.

Little did he know at the time, but he was going to enjoy a much different delicacy then he ever thought he would have!


Stitch opened the fridge to see what Nani had bought. There was some yogurt, some ice cream, a few apples, a carton of milk, and left-over macaroni and cheese.

"No meat," Stitch groaned. He wasn't in the mood for just any kind of snack. He wanted something that appealed to the carnivores of the world. He wanted MEAT!

It was then a tantalizing scent came to his nose. "Wha that?" he wondered aloud, following the scent of delicious meat he was detecting. Maybe it was something in the pantry, but Stitch then noticed he was going back to the bedroom.

Inside, he found the source of the smell. It was coming…from Lilo herself! Perhaps it was his heightened hunger playing tricks on his mind, but suddenly Stitch found himself wanting to eat his own best friend up.

"Smells so yummy….." Stitch moaned, and his rumbling belly was providing quite the persuasive argument. There was no time for debate, it was meal time!

Stitch crawled over towards Lilo silently, not wanting to wake her up. Now how to eat her was the question.

Well in the experiment's mind he envisioned Lilo with an apple in her mouth and pineapple slices across her back, he figured that the best thing he could do right now was gobble her up whole. Lilo still remained asleep as Stitch sharpened one of his claws. Slicing carefully, he tore off her big pajamas, leaving her underwear on (Stitch had standards, after all) and drooled at the sight of the meaty girl before him.

"Gobble usa up," Stitch smiled hungrily to his friend, and then began to unhinge his jaw in the same way snakes could. Though he may have been a relatively small alien, when it came to powers, Stitch was full of surprises. Now he intended to use them to make himself LITERALLY be full. He then gently picked up one of Lilo's feet and inserted it into his maw.

And if the smell whetted his appetite, Lilo's flavor was satisfying it beyond any of Stitch's wildest dreams! In this one moment, he completely understood why so many alien species saw human beings as a delicacy. This was the most divine taste he had ever experienced!

Stitch decided to take his time with this meal, as he wanted to enjoy every individual inch of Lilo's flavor. Stitch knew he was right to eat up his meaty friend. As he got up to her knees he could hear his mind sing.

Despite the fact she was being consumed by an alien, Lilo remained asleep and blissfully unaware of what was transpiring. She was a heavy sleeper, it would be hard for Stitch to wake her up unless he suddenly started blaring rock music at full blast.

When Stitch began taking in Lilo's stomach the meal got even better. As to be expected, this was where the most fat was built up on the young human, and fat made the snack that much scrumptious.

"So good…" Stitch mentally moaned in pleasure. If it weren't for the fact each human being was unique, he would've considering asking for the recipe. Lilo really was that good, as his tongue licked over every inch of her form.

Experiment 626 kept pushing her further and further in, as Lilo's neck was now in Stitch's maw. He never stopped the GLU-GULPS! He could afford to hold his head up and just let the rest of Lilo slide in. Doing so allowed him to enjoy the second best part of a meal besides the actual consumption: the full belly.

With Lilo trapped inside him completely, Stitch rubbed over his now bulging, fatter stomach. He looked like a fuzzy boulder as he had his paws feel his rounder center all over.

"Meega big and fat," Stitch remarked proudly, slowly walking over to his bed. Being so full slowed him down a bit, but the sheer quality of food Lilo was MORE than made up for it. He had eaten his fair share of roast pigs since his life on Earth began, but for once, he felt like the pig. And it was oh so worth it.

"Go night night," Stitch yawned, still feeling over his gut as he drifted off into sleep. The sensation of Lilo in his stomach was soothing, even as it gurgled.

It was around this time that Nani poked her head through the door to check in on Lilo and Stitch.

"Sis?" she asked, not seeing Lilo in her bed but she instantly realized what was going on when she saw just how FAT Stitch was. Even as the alien experiment had dozed off, Stitch was still rhythmically rubbing his bloated belly.

"She'll be in for a surprise when she wakes up," Nani laughed to herself as she stepped outside and closed the door.

Stitch may have eaten his best friend on Earth whole, but he would never actually harm her. Lilo would stay in his stomach overnight, but she would not be exposed to any harmful acids. She would be sleeping in a calm, soothing, warm chamber. True, Stitch would have to do some explaining when she woke up.

But the meal more than made up for it.

…Lilo let out a yawn. She smacked her lips a bit, the haze of unconciousness still settled over her. Sighing deeply, she stretched out her arms, yawning a bit more…


She blinked a bit in confusion. Why was it so…humid and warm? And did she just touch something soft and-

Her eyes went wide, looking at the dark blue, fleshy walls that surrounded her, and she could feel she was being rubbed, patted and stroked all over from the outside. "Oh." She remarked, mouth agape. She was in someone's stomach, and she was pretty sure…

"Youga up?"

Yep. It was Stitch's stomach. Of course.

"…Stiiiiiitch…" Lilo began to say in an aggravated tongue as Stitch burped playfully.


I think this is good. Maybe I'll write another chapter where he starts peeling her delicate skin off with a knife and seductively eating it in front of her. Then she'll say NO. but as time goes on Lilo will get aroused by his affection and give in to his love for her. Let me know what you think! ;p
7/11/2021 c1 3RCKBNFSK
Interesting take on that episode. It isn't really clear what happens next on the show when she calls him, it could have been this. Wondering if we find out what happens next in your version?
7/10/2021 c1 4coyotepup4
Let me guess, she's pregnant. Seems to be a running thing.

Funny thing is, in an on going I work, Rick and Colin are stepbrothers, through one of Martha's marriages, the longest lasting one to a British Diplomat.

They are incredibly loyal to one another, and Colin would never do what he did.

But every writer has their own universe or more.
7/10/2021 c1 Alyb253
Excited to see where you take this!

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