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12/28/2021 c1 Anon
Great story please update soon
12/6/2021 c1 I-Nex-I
An interesting start. I’m assuming that the change was still Jason’s torture, but without having ever been a human(full human at least) he isn’t as shackled mentally as in canon. Curious which parent was the ghoul. In canon we’ve only seen a human mother be able to carry a half ghoul child, unless you count Touka, though Kaneki was already part ghoul so it’s up in the air if Touka’s body would’ve recognized Ichika as food. Reason I’m curious is how it’s affected his mentality. If his father was the ghoul, I think much can be done for his backstory the same as canon, since he can eat real food. If his mother was the ghoul, though, there would be a lot of changes that could lead to differences in his psychology as he wouldn’t have the same trauma as canon. There’s also the issue of his Kagune, is it the same or different? Logically, it should be different since he doesn’t have Rize’s kakuhou, and furthermore his Kakuja shouldn’t be as strong, unless his ghoul parent was also a part of the Washuu clan. Also not sure if you’ve read the manga, so this might sound like nonsense lol. I recommend you do if you haven’t already, not only is the plot much better than the anime, but Kaneki’s character is significantly different than it was in S2/Root A.
10/14/2021 c1 1Crypt0
interested in the next chapter when is it?
9/14/2021 c1 chaosishere
This was interesting im excited to see more :)
8/14/2021 c1 Ken kaneki's shadow wolf
Can't wait to see where this goes
7/24/2021 c1 TheMist33
Really liked it so far, hope it updates soon, also is Kaneki a natural born half ghoul? So he would be able to also eat normal food right?

Can’t wait for the next chapter!
7/14/2021 c1 1Eruptingames
this was good and i hope it is updated soon
7/13/2021 c1 Guest
im already loving this
7/13/2021 c1 taiwoeretan1
This seems interesting, seeing some fics with this concept before, hope yours is good as well.

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