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7/11/2022 c4 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming –
Ok, it was a big and exciting episode. I in general enjoyed it. There was some small details and one big but I would talk about them later. Poor Therion I’m sure he never imagined that getting the co-host would be so stressful. Anyway let’s start.

We start where the last episode ended, with Therion beaten up after getting rival as part of the staff. Leon help him and has a flashback about how Therion got him for this job, how grateful he is with the programmer and how tired was of working with his parents. But as he remembered this there was an unexpected visitor in the RV, Rival.

The next scene was a little weird because Rival, instead of telling Leon he came here because Therion called him tried to reason with the wrestler, who decided a small act of revenge was more important than therion show, because he began to assaulting him in a parking lot. Luckily for him Therion woke up and stopped Leon before he could cause him real damage, Leon realized he acted like a lunatic and went back to the bus RV while Epi would tried to tell him about Rival joining the staff.

This scene has a problem. Because I don’t know if there were more stories before that, but without the context about “That thing so bad Rival did in high school,” both Therion and Leon’s reactions seem out of place. So, it’s Rival fault Leonm attacked him because he went to the RV like Therion told him and didn’t remember that Leon could go crazy and attack him for something that happened 5 or 6 years ago? I mean I know Rivla is a bastard, a traitor and a scum, but here Leon is the one at fault.

Then we break the moment to see a little of Arabella and Ludger in Isla Paraiso. Ludger and Arabella take us through a tour of the island, including the south part, the bunker (that isn’t finished yet, nice touch.) The center area was a work in progress, and on the east side the really impressive communal bathrooms and a nice cafeteria.

After that, they split the remaining places to meet Kouen faster. Arabella looked at the campground, with big spaces for the challenges. Ludger visited the Campfire pit, which seemed like the place for the eliminations. Finally both went to the north section, which was a rainforest, something that couldn’t exist on the island but was there, in the hotel, which was also a work in progress, they met Kouen and gave him their report, while talking about the show.

Next we went back to Therion. He, Leon and Rival went on their way to Boston to meet the next host, even if Leon didn’t like the idea of bringing Rival. We also met Leon’s girlfriend, Hartlee who is a roller derby player and was in a tournament, she called him to see how was he doing and he wanted to wish her luck, then he noticed the battery of the RV was failing, the sad part was that he noticed days ago and forgot to change it.

The team stopped at Dust bowl gas station to buy a new battery, and there Leon met Alpha, the attendant who seemed to hate her job and impressed her by buying two batteries. Then he is scammed by Eli, who gives him the directions to reach Boston in exchange for buying him and his friends some food and equipment. He spends 350 in the directions, not knowing Julia one of the scammer friends, would participate in total drama, and all of this was a plan so Leon accepted the app.

After the interruption, we arrived in Boston, more specifically at Harvard, to find the next co-host, but when Rival realized who she wa,s he stopped walking and disappeared. Poor Therion, honestly. He and Leon went to the seminar hall and met Cynthia, who was also part of the gang back in high school with another person and …Rival. They talked, and Therion didn’t dare to tell her about Rival yet and instead chose the next 6 contestants on the show. Now I wonder why therion brought Rival if it would cause so much issues with everyone.

First is Nova, a fighter from Bielorussian, she may be a good rival for Deon. Isaac is an innocent boy that may or not maybe be appropriate for this kind of show. The next was Frag, a pro E-sport player chosen by Therion, and his enthusiasm sold it to the other two. Oberon who is a nice character and a kind brother. Julia was fun because, at the beginning, Leon didn’t remember her, but luckily Cynthia is compassionate and was moved by her story (also Leon helped :P .) Finally Amber, who is a nice and fit character but who loves her family, and even if she wasn’t exactly what Therion would have chosen, she got in anyway.

Afterward, Cynthia asked Therion directly who was hiding. And when she found it was Rival, she went out running to stop fond him, because on the campus was also Erin, Rival’s ex-girlfriend, and childhood friend. I liked the irony of Cynthia wanting to protect Eron from Rival just like Therion wanted to protect her, even if all are adults now. Sadly for the herbalist, it was too late, and Rival met Erin. We find a hint of the “incident” in which Rival cut his contact with everyone and was especially cruel toward Erin, which was one of the reasons why Cynthia didn’t want them to meet.

Sadly the episode ended without a resolution. Instead Erin will join the season as a staff member (I’m not sure if co-host) which is fun because Erin is amusing. Now I wonder what will happen next. Rival isn’t happy but to be honest he should grow a pair and accept he needs to improve himself and face the consequences of his acts.

Talking about consequences, I think you should have revealed the story behind the incident in this episode. It has grow so big and dramatic that I don’t think it can live up to the hype (unless Rival killed in cold blood all his family except his sister, but I don’t think it will be so dark.) What he did to Erin is a jerk act but he doesn’t deserve that hate that Leon showed. Anyway, I’m curious about the resolution of that plotline.

So far so good, I enjoyed the episode, but I think the first one was better. Just because the climax of the past one was on the last part, and the one in this one was at the beginning. Also I miss the scene in which Therion convinced Leon to accept Rival in the RV, I think it was the big missing scene. The rest was good, the running joke about Leon meeting contestants, and I love the “live” selection of the characters. I’m curious about the next episode in which you will probably introduce Bellona :P.
7/1/2022 c4 3Nobody245
Ouch. Halfway in and still no OC in the race. Usually, I would try to send in others, but I'm going to try and keep hope that one of the ones I sent gets in. Halfway to go after all. I know the twins and I'm surprised they didn't get in. But I also know Nova and Julia. The rest, I'm not sure. But I'm going to look forward to seeing who's next.
7/1/2022 c4 9Sephiria Arks
Woohoo a whole new chapter! Way to go Epi.

Rival is definitely going to be having a hard time with Leon around. I would definitely like to see some more dramas between the two.

I am glad to see that Nova got in the show, woohoo!

Congrats to the people who just had their oc’s accepted into the show! I know there are still a lot more oc’s coming in, but I can’t wait to see the first official episode of the season come out!

Best of luck to you Epi!
Can’t wait to read the next chapter!
4/21/2022 c3 Sephiria Arks
Congrats to those who made it in so far!
Really loving the story Epi! You take your time and don’t rush yourself when doing this; you have an awesome story here.

The cast is definitely going to be interesting when the first actual episode comes out; but until then, we shall wait and see which o.c makes it in!

Best of luck to writing Epi!

Also, glad that your host o.c won a game award! Way to go with your host o.c game - Crossblaze: Bullet Blood Reign.

But still excited to see what comes next. And best of luck to Leon who is helping out your host o.c as well!
11/7/2021 c3 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming –

Ok a nice prologue, I enjoy it and the story in general. I like dit so much that a part made me angry, but let’s talk about it later. Let’s start from the top.

The story starts with Therion in an airplane, it’s June and he is working to make total Drama:paradise island a success. His videogames are doing quite well (he even remembers winning an award the past month) and announced he was taking a hiatus while working in the show. Now he is traveling to get all the hosts he wants to join him in the show.

The first is on Detroir, and it’s Leon. We had 2 scenes to meet him while he fights under his identity of Lionheart together with a future contestant, Deon Blade. I only miss seeing their fight in the ring. But we had a nice interview to know a lot more of Leon, which I think compensates it.

Then Leon and Therion met and begin to work in the season. I love this stories in which the cast began to choose the contestants looking at the Apps (even if I’m not sure if including the rejected ones is a good idea.) Of the cast I already know Deon, Zerina, and Arnold so there aren’t surprises and expect a lot of them. My only fear with Deon is what Therion already said so so far so good.

From the rest, Katherine is my favorite. This kind of daredevil character is usually fun. AJ seems nice and Nath mysterious, but Katherine has the ideal amount of comedy I enjoy from a contestant.

After that we had the last part of the story, which honestly make me conflicted. Jessica, an old friend of Therion, called him at 2:30 am to ask him to help with her brother Rival, an old friend of our protagonist. This can’t wait until the morning (even if she waited 7 years), so he goes to meet with her.

Jessica ask Therion to take care or Rival, so he stops annoying her. This is what I didn’t understand and made me dislike her. Why? Why Therion? She is a selfish bitch. Don’t like your brother, accuse him of aggravated stalking and put him in jail. He’s a bastard who killed his brother 7 years ago? Yes but he hates himself for that, and instead of helping him, you put a restraining order against him and now want Therion to fix the problem.

And Therion is a saint. He decides to help her and Rival and goes at 3:00 a.m. to confront him (he could wait until the morning when he wasn’t drunk.) Rival lives in a shack in an alley, hitting rock bottom after all those years. To make things worse, he didn’t recognize Therion and attacked him on sight because he hurt Jessica. Our protagonist has to fight him and at last had a conversation with him, telling him he needs to change his life, confront his trauma, and Therion will give him the chance to do it as staff of the new Total Drama show.

In conclusion, so far, so good. I Hope Rival accepts Therion offer. In summary, I liked the episode, I have fun with the scenes of Leon and Therion choosing the apps. And the fighting scene was really dynamic and exciting (ouch when Rival broke Therion’s glasses.) I only didn’0t like Jessica, but again that’s fine, I think you made the situation good enough to make me feel annoyed by her. Nice job.
11/6/2021 c1 rosierthornes
Hello! This is going to be my first SYOC and I want to try my hand! The answer to the questions are as follows:

Amaravati Parvana and her assistant is Brenna Belladonna

Gladiolus Primrose Alastair was found in Paris, France!

I hear to hope from you soon! -3
11/6/2021 c3 4Mr. Ruff
I’ve been waiting for this for a long while. It’s a nice prologue where we see more of this fleshed out universe with Therion, Leon, Jessica, & Rival. Shoutout to the Warmongers, by the way. That little segment was fun. The selection process between Therion & Leon was nice. So, it was kinda cool to see what was semi-going through your mind during the first selection period.

The first audition tape we got to see was AJ Rosenberg. I wonder how she’s gonna fare on the island. She seems to be sweet, but I wonder how her social anxiety is going to affect her game. She’s gonna have to burst out of her shell if she wants to make a big impact.

Next up to be accepted was my main man. He’s mint, he’s money, he’s made. It’s that man, Deon Blade. It was cool to see team up with Leon-er, the Lionheart Warrior. It was a fun tidbit. Can’t wait to see what you do with him.

Zerine Pavlova is someone I’ve always taken a liking to whenever I’ve seen her in a story. I think she’ll be a great addition to your cast. I hope she makes it really far. I think her potential is through the roof.

Nathan Verity, the Insolent. Don’t know much about him, but he seems to be a guy that I’m definitely intrigued about. He looks like he could be a wildcard type character that’ll move to his own drum beat.

Arnold Devlar. This cheeky bastard here. I think he’s gonna be someone that’s gonna be very entertaining in the long run. He’s certainly someone that can talk a good game. Can’t wait to see how he fares in this season.

Kathy Wheeler is in the building. I’ll definitely be watching her as the season progresses. As a daredevil, I think she might be someone who will go far in the game due to her risk taking potential, which ultimately could be her downfall in the game.

It’s only 6 out of 24 so far, but it’s a good 6 to start off the cast. Can’t wait for the next update as we edge closer to the beginning of the season. This seems like it’s gonna be very fun, my man.
11/6/2021 c3 47Thunderstrike16
Interesting chapter, nice to see some OC's picked, I recognize Deon, and it sucks for some of the other OC's who didn't get picked, but the apps were wrong. I might send two more people in later.

Hope to see what happens next soon.
11/6/2021 c3 6Grape Escape
oh boy, another fic for with Deon. I'm definitely not getting tired of him being overused and being in basically every uploading fic besides the two CC's
11/5/2021 c3 yutohase
You... really have my interest with this one! If it's not too late I'll definitely put in an OC or two for you to consider.
11/5/2021 c3 3Nobody245
Well I'm glad to see an update of this As well as more insight to whose going to be part of the season. Bad news is that neither of the two I've sent in have been accepted yet. Good news is that they haven't been outright rejected yet either and only six out of twenty-four spots are filled. With this in mind, I'm hoping that at least one of the two can make it in and play, as I have confidence that they would be pretty interesting characters.

That aside though, I'm seeing some familiar faces here, both in the contestants and in the hosts. Like Leon and Rival, both of which I'm surprised are not actually going to compete in this. Also Deon and Zerine who I recognize the most from other fanfics. Huh, makes me wonder if I should send in another OC that's a little more memorable like Katniss, Ingrid or Pharaoh. But for now I'll keep hope that one of the OC's I've sent can still make it. As well as look forward to see how this season will shape up to be.

Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to the next update.
10/22/2021 c1 4Epifanio Therion
Hey guys! This is Epifanio Therion, the author of Island Paradise! And I simply wanted to say that the story is still in progress! The reason why I haven't update around a bit is because I am quite busy with many stuff, especially with my University work in Computer Science, and thus I haven't updated... but to give a little information of how it is currently going for the next prologue part, here it is! I have written around a total of 16k words and I have received a total of 48 apps! But that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to apply, I am in fact... asking to keep sending in apps! I have accepted a few, but everyone still has a chance to get in.

I hope everyone has a nice day and good luck! Sincerely Epifanio Therion.
10/13/2021 c1 Byzankellar
And if the apps are already closed then no hard feelings I'll just read along anyway
10/13/2021 c2 Byzankellar
Although I don't have an FF account I might consider making one later so I can submit an app. Not sure if the submissions are closed yet, but if they are still open then I'll definitely do one.
10/12/2021 c1 FriendlyReply

They might be busy in real life. Not to mention they seem to have gotten a lot of apps, so they might be sorting through all that and figuring out which ones fit the premise best. Plus, they have to plan out what they're doing, so I can understand if they're slow to update.
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