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8/10 c12 scrappy8
great job
8/9 c12 James Birdsong
Good stories
8/9 c12 3GinnyPotter6891
Oh, yeah, I can totally see that happening!
Thanks for the update… waiting for the next one.
8/4 c11 scrappy8
great chapter
8/5 c11 Godricshelm
Nice chapter! I’ve always thought Ginny was the best at knocking some sense into Harry
8/2 c10 scrappy8
great job
8/4 c11 GinnyPotter6891
I totally agree with you… he noticed her because she insisted on going with them. A conversation such as this would really get her in his radar. Thanks for the update! Affections are engaged with less exposure as he’s had with her. TBH, I think even though he was looking at Cho, the comment the twins made earlier in one of the Dumbledore’s Army meetings about size not indicative of power got her noticed.
7/27 c9 scrappy8
7/25 c8 scrappy8
great job
7/27 c9 GinnyPotter6891
Awww… too cute! TFS
7/25 c8 GinnyPotter6891
Bwahahahahaha! Love it! She’d do that, too. Thanks for the hysterical vignette!
7/22 c7 scrappy8
great job
7/23 c7 GinnyPotter6891
What a smile inducer! Great follow-up to Time Changes All Things.
7/17 c6 scrappy8
great chapters

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