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for The Boy in the Cupboard

6/2 c16 midnight-flurry
Thanks for the update. This is so different than other fics out there and shows such an imperfect Harry that I love it. I feel so sorry for Sirius and co. As everyone is growing older, you see the differences and how everyone is kinda growing into their own skin. I look forward to reading more of your Harrys adventures.
5/1 c2 Jane D
"All that mattered in that moment was that Harry and Sirius were both free in the summer sunshine."
Aww awwww that's so... Sirius :)
5/1 c1 Jane D
Wow, gods. I usually prefer fics with more or less adult characters and was pretty sure that a story about an abandoned child won't be my cup of tea. But i'm absolutely taken by it so far.
4/30 c10 11Nanchih
Could have lived a long time without the image of Siri and Remus snogging. BLEH!
4/30 c3 Nanchih
I can certainly see Harry identifying with the Ghoul!
4/29 c13 3alix33
You meant "hiding an illegally enchanted car".
I sniggered at "Don't let him loose" too.
4/29 c12 alix33
I can understand totally how covering up the Mandrakes with dirt and repotting them into a dark place would upset Harry something awful.
Poor Harry. The flashback to the cupboard at the Dursleys' he had in that tunnel must have been simply awful.
Yay! for Sirius and Remus and Harry having the Marauders' Map back, though.
4/29 c11 alix33
I make house plants die in under three months but I am utterly intrigued by the herbology shop just on account of its alliterating name.
4/29 c10 alix33
My heart broke more than just a tad at Harry trying to heal poor petrified Colin in the hospital wing with Fawkes' tears.
You meant "they were loath to take him away".
AW! at Luna getting her first ever invite to a friend's house.
Though Dobby and Molly might get into somewhat of an argument over kitchen and cooking duties at the Burrow over Christmas.
4/29 c9 alix33
You meant "Colin took a photo of the howler" and that Padfoot "led them up to the boys' dormitory".
4/29 c8 alix33
AW! at Harry trying to stop Dobby punishing himself the way Sirius and Remus and Neville taught him to stop punishing himself: by clutching onto Padfoot's fur.
4/29 c7 alix33
So, Remus and Sirius made special arrangements that Harry would use Arthur's enchanted typewriter to write his assignments?
4/29 c6 alix33
I am apprehensive about how Harry and Hogwarts will suit one another or get along with one another, if at all.
4/29 c5 alix33
You meant "today's playing cards".
Poor lonely \ Harry and Sirius now that Neville, Ron and Sirius are at Hogwarts.
4/29 c4 alix33
AW! at Harry stroking Sirius' hair.
"real-life" in your author's note needed a hyphen.
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