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for The Boy in the Cupboard

8/21/2021 c12 Isahh
I love how sensitive this Harry is. How he perceives the world, how he appreciates simple things. Great story! Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/15/2021 c12 mizzrazz72
Ginny is bad.
8/15/2021 c12 firetouchedmoon
This is a really interesting take on the Harry Potter series that I have never seen before. I really, really enjoy it. It is well thought out, the descriptions of Harry's abilities seem to be as realistic as I can tell (his speech, his gross motor and fine motor skills, etc) and it is really interesting to see how everyone else is reacting to him. I do hope you continue this story through the seven books, as I'd like to see how you take Harry and the Wizarding World through this development.
8/14/2021 c12 Jostanos
omake: "Note to self: Use alternate path to Honeydukes from castle." ~ Ginny
8/12/2021 c11 Jostanos
Don't worry, Ron. Why? Because I have a feeling that you will have a pet/familiar of your own very soon. :)
8/10/2021 c11 Guest
Thanks for the updates. Good story. Hoping for more chapters.

Stay well and safe.
8/9/2021 c11 mylie Wilde
Thank you for this. I will admit, I wasn’t satisfied with the previous ending either. However, I have an extensive background in teaching and research with children with disabilities. To see so little growth between 12 and adulthood would not be realistic unless there was something else going on like traumatic brain injury. I am glad you are rethinking the ending.
8/9/2021 c11 12Nullan
Honestly I really did like the first ending you posted but I will admit that it did feel a bit too soon and out of nowhere. So even tho I liked it I am glad to see that you’ll be adding more to the story. So don’t feel pressured to change the ending if you liked it and it’s what you had planned.
8/9/2021 c11 2Thundramon
Yeah, the ending didn't work especially as Sirius was killed by Deatheaters in the quidditch world cup. We are emotionally invested in Harry and we want to see him grow and be free and we want others to help him do that like he did for the snakes this chapter. I know expecting happy endings is unrealistic but this world has magic, it isn't supposed to be real but a story instead. So make up some magic and help Harry recover, if not now then eventually over many years.
8/5/2021 c11 mizzrazz72
Harry still lost people he loved. Dudley appeared at the right time.
8/5/2021 c11 peggy77
This was a really sad chapter.

Good story though.
8/5/2021 c11 soulofarthur
Bruh what the fuck. Was a good story so far, then you suddenly skip like ten years...
8/5/2021 c8 peggy77
I laughed at Harry sitting backwards so he could play with the twigs. :D

Also laughing at Peeves tormenting Ron with Harry's toy spider. :D

Oh no! I wonder how events will play out with Harry having trouble speaking? Maybe parseltongue will come naturally?
8/5/2021 c11 xteamxjacobxbabyx
Wait what? I was expecting Christmasy goodness! Not this horrible, evil, heartbreak! And Padfoot and Moony! Why? One or the other but why both? And now Harry is in St Mungo's?! Why? I'm so angry with you right now! (excellent writing and character development as always. Still mad though)
8/5/2021 c4 peggy77
This is heartbreaking. ;(
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