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for The Boy in the Cupboard

7/18/2021 c1 8x-kid11
I really like what you’ve written so far! It is original enough that makes it feel unique, and you’ve used characters not used a lot in the HP universe in a way I really enjoy and I hope you write more! Keep up the good work!
7/17/2021 c1 MsNita302229
I can't wait to read more of this story. It is tugging at my heart in a way that most don't. Please keep it up.
7/16/2021 c1 patty.clark.792
Oooooh, this is gonna be good...
7/16/2021 c1 MagicalCatgirl68
Oh wow Ithink Dursely's should run like hell . I hope they call in specialist from overseas. Harry needs love and help.
7/16/2021 c1 Jostanos
If the ICW and the 'Mot knew _why_ Sirius was _FINALLY_ getting the trial that he had long deserved they would probably remove White Bee from at least two, if not all three, of his positions.
However.. it is not known to us if they do or not. One may only guess at this point.
7/16/2021 c1 Vadimmom
A bit heartbreaking to start with but I’m curious for what happens next.
7/16/2021 c1 Guest
Review my stories: May the Force Be With You and Undertale:Frost

Give them both a good review. I'm trying to win a contest, and I really need good reviews in order to win. I would like to surprise my girlfriend with a $500 Amazon gift card.

Fail to give me good reviews, and I will have no choice but to troll you, your shit fics, and your followers.

If you try to report me, I'll make it look like I was a victim of a troll impersonating me.

I was recently made an administrator for this site, so any more hateful comments on my story and I will make sure YOUR STORIES ARE PERMANENTLY DELETED.

But I really don't want it to come to that, so just give me good reviews.

Also, in light of the new movie Luca and LBGTQ and sexual minorities support, please preview my short self insert story below. Let me know what you think ;p
Nick was currently pinned to the ground, Ozzy above him. The dog's paws were planted firmly on the green eyed man's shoulders, and the animal's tongue was slithering around inside the man's mouth.

The young man had one of his hands around his erect dick, fucking himself as he moaned into the larger beasts mouth. His own tongue slipped between Ozzy's teeth, and the dog didn't seem to mind the intrusion.

Nick panted with lust as he rubbed himself faster and harder, his tongue moving around more frantically as he began thrusting weakly upwards into Ozzy's belly.

"Tom, Tom.." he moaned, eyes rolling back into his head. "I love you…"

Ozzy whined softly, removing his tongue from Nick's mouth to lick the man's face instead.

The long wet tongue caressing his face made Nick whimper with pleasure, and he felt the heat from Ozzy's body wrapping around him and cradling him. His body trembled with absolute desire, and he sighed.

"Come on, just fuck me already," he said, looking into Ozzy's eyes. "Come on. Do you even know what I'm saying?"

Ozzy just stared at him and kept panting along with Sonic, not moving from the spot above the man.

"Fine," Nick said, "I guess this will have to do for now, then." He reached up and patted Ozzy's head. "Those treats might be useful right about now. Maybe you can be trained."

He lay back down and relaxed his body. "Sometimes I wonder how smart you really are…" he muttered, half to himself. He returned his attention to his half-hard dick.

"What the heck am I doing?" He whispered to himself as he resumed stroking himself. Pleasure quickly surrounded him once again, and his worries and doubts disappeared with its return.

He reached up and pulled Ozzy's head back down to his level, quickly kissing him again, and whimpering softly at the feeling of the dog's warm breath on his face. He felt a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach, slowly spreading down to his toes and around the rest of his little body.

Nick squeezed his eyes shut as the feeling consumed him, the dog's tongue still in his mouth shoved down his throat. It felt so right, it being there, and this experience felt like something he would want to do again soon.

He pumped faster, faster, coming with a soft yell. He shoved his own tongue deep, as deep as it would go, into Ozzy's mouth as he rode out the wave of intense pleasure, yelling out all the while, knowing no one but the dog and himself would hear. He thrust his dick into the dog, making him whimper in pain and pleasure.

After the feeling subsided, he lay there panting heavily for a full minute, with Ozzy moving to lay down next to him.

Nick, once he had regained some of his energy, slowly rolled to bury his face into the animal's belly, exhaustion descending upon him.

"Thank you," he whispered. "That was amazing. I love you."

He let himself relax, bathing in the warm sunlight streaming in through the attic window.

"Next time, I'll get the treats for you." He whispered. "How does that sound? Maybe you'll fuck me then."

Ozzy whined and licked his cheek, laying his head on Nick's chest. He wondered how it would be with Tom. He was yummy, maybe too yummy. An idea was brewing in Nick's head. He grabbed an item and hid in the closet.

Tom walked into the room. "How are you doing, Nick?" The man looked around, he only saw his dog and liquids on his sofa. Just where was his pet sitter?

Nick suddenly jumped out of the closet. Tom let out a startled yelp, before a dull thud impacted his forehead. He felt immense pain before hitting the ground, blacking out.

When he awoke, he was strapped to his bed in rope, duct tape covered his mouth as he tried to let out a scared scream.

"Sorry it has to be this way, Tom, but you should have NEVER rejected my advances toward you. I know, I know. You think you're straight, but truth be told scientists have confirmed everyone is a little bit gay. You shouldn't fear it. Nick spoke, his back turned to Tom, sharpening a knife.

In an instant, Nick pulled Tom's pants off. He started to kiss Tom's dick. Tom tried to resist, but Nick slapped him. He started to go to town on his dick. Tom's wife never gave Tom blow jobs, so indeed the man was missing out on some mouth love. He started sucking, bobbing his head back and forth in pleasure. He moaned onto his dick, vibrating the sensitive organ.

The wet mouth's motions and sensation aroused Tom against his will, causing him to orgasm at the unexpected pleasure bestowed upon him.

Nick stopped sucking and stroking the dick, swallowing. He quickly shoved a dildo up Tom's butt. "I love you, Tom. I want an all consuming love. I know I could never have you because you believe you're straight. So I had to take you by force...I want all of you inside of me." Nick seductively told him, taking his sharp knife and peeling a strip of skin off of Tom. Nick tasted the delicious strip, savoring the man's flavor. Tom yelped.

Nick couldn't help himself. He hungered for this man. He peeled several more strips of skin from Tom, taking from his face, neck, arms, chest and legs. He cut off one of Tom's nipples, sniffing it before carefully placing it in his mouth. "Mm. You're great! I have great taste in men, so I've been told."

Before Tom knew it, Nick cut off his member, devouring it with lust. Tom was in pain now, but it would be over soon enough. Nick rubbed him soothingly. "It's okay, I love you". More time passed, Nick carved out his heart, eating it. He ate ALL of Tom, not wasting a sliver of skin or a drop of blood.

Nick sighed, contently as he rubbed his protruding belly. He and Tom could finally be together forever, as part of each other.


Please let me know what you guys think ;p This is an author self insert, Nick. I've gotten applause from it. Let me know your opinions. I want to publish this soon.
7/16/2021 c1 23Rori Potter
Poor Harry. Hopefully Sirius will be able to help him. Update soon.
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