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for The Witch and the Shield

9/6 c1 RFennekin
I like this oneshot
7/28 c1 Arsinis
Ah, I wouldn't mind one more chapter. Of course, Ainz is too overpowered for this world, so there is not much challenge, but politics, fluff, world exploring and curb stomping of all baddies is fun too I guess.
7/7 c1 Guest
6/23 c1 Guest
I would love it if on the next anniversary of Witch and Sorcerer we get another chapter to celebrate. It would be so much fun to see these two mess up that country full of idiots
6/20 c1 Guest
I wish there was at least one more chapter to this story. I would've loved seeing Renner also put that scheming queen in her place.
5/15 c1 Ermano
Excellent story. Wish it wasn’t a one shot though.
5/2 c1 Dayside
Aw man why didn't you include the ending where they fuck melromarc up
4/22 c1 63BigSmokeYeet
Keep this going :D
3/25 c1 1Buujack

This one shot is completely insane!
And I love everything of it!

I loved how you remembered us not only what a pathetic man the king is and how Malty is actually not intelligent, just evil.

Reading the scene again, one can see how simplistic (and idiotic) was the rape accusation. Sadly, the Shield is very looked down in Melromac and having the rights of a fair trial was non-existant (and that's why she got away with it in canon)

However, now both Malty and the king were dealing with savy experienced protagonists: the princess (now Shield heroine) is simply an intellectual monster and her status as Hero means she cannot he officially executed (and she is also a foreign princess, so that helped too); Lakyus knows how to move in the aristocratic environment and is NOT naive anymore (and also stupidly strong for her level) and Satoru, who is not only NOT stupid and as a former salaryman he has developed the ability of read people, which was only increased thanks to his year in the New World (and is simply invincible in a fight)

Thinking on tropes regarding RPG games, I find amazing how the tropes are played in the Shied Heroine party:

-Renner, our nominal hero, is basically a villain protagonist forced to take a hero's journey. She is the weakest (which is logical), and also the leader. And she, having the shield (the poor artifact would end traumatized after the journey), makes her the tank and support party member. As the leader, she must guide her companions into victory, coordinate tactics and develop strategies. For that, a high level of intellect, pragmatism and improvisation is requiered. Renner has those, in abundance.
And the shield is perfect for this Renner, as mindblowing as it could sound: unlike canon Renner, this one genuinealy want to protect and support Satoru (her true love, emphasis on TRUE) and Lakyus (although it will take some time to realize that she wants to protect her because she considers her a true friend)

Lakyus is a stock light novel heroine that actually works: while she has all the classical traits (sword fighter, strong, young, high sense of justice and morals) there are two important reason why that works:
1) she is NOT naive, as I said before. She knows that the world is not black and white and how filth can be hidden by fine clothes and perfume. She is now very aware of that (the world can also be a piece of shit)
2) she is not the team leader, so that makes her the moral compass of Renner and Satoru, something EXTREMELY important, something that she couldn't do had she been the leader.

And, for me at least, you have turned Satoru into the perfect crutch character. Satoru now is basically the heroic counterpart of the True Final Boss of the game. So you can rely on him on the beginning, midgame and the very last battle against the final boss, because he is as powerful as it's possible in this world (in the New World, his cap is 100, but here, it's simply the maximun level possible)

I dont know if you are going to turn this oneshot into a main work after you finish TWTS, but in case you do, I'll suggest that you separate this one shot into two chapter, because I have some ideas:

1) The conversation between the other three heroes and Renner group. Expand it. They will find odd that the fourth hero comes from a fantasy world instead of Japan, but they would also find Satoru strange... His name is japanese, and it's unusually easy to talk to him, like he knew a lot about Japan without talking about it. He feels too japanese, actually. Eventually Itsuki and Motoyasu will shrug the matter and forget about it...

But not Ren. He always seemed to me the most gamer of the three, and also the most knowledgeable regarding fantasy and isekai tropes. And he couldn't shake it off the anomaly that was the shield heroine, and specially Satoru. Isekai tropes don't work like that. And something is really off with him. He will start to pay attention, trying to figure out something.

2) Show the reaction of Malty and the King when Satoru reject the monetary aid and Malty as an additional party member. Show us how her magnificent plans (hahaha) fell apart.

3) Although I at first was against the group having a bounty too early, it could work: The shield heroine, despite being a wanted criminal, saves a defenceless village... That can change how they see them.

Well, sry for the uber long review and if you managed to reach here, well, thank you.


I still have more ideas, but maybe through a PM if you want

And sry for any typo!
3/18 c1 Bruhgers
The premise of this is interesting, a shame that it's a one-shot but oh well, now I'm interested in the original.
3/16 c1 NoSkill4me
You know, you COULD just post another chapter of this.
I love to see good curb stomping in fanfics.
3/5 c1 TheOneBehindTheVeil
This is pretty damn good. would love to read more of this if ever TWTS is done. GOOD JOBBBB
2/15 c1 capitalist banter
Aww it's over, that was surprisingly entertaining. I wanted more to read as well since I finished the main story.
1/25 c1 Flamingtailspin
Awesome fanfic
1/15 c1 Mr.Big
I know in the past I said to just leave this as a one-shot but after some thinking and reading some of the other comments I changed my mind.
I wouldn’t mind an update of this every once in a while.
If only to see an MC who is actually competent and can stand up easily to all the other scheming fools in the shield series. And to see Renner and her shield powers rip that stupid kingdom a new one.
Renner has real power now with that shield. With her genius and Satoru’s help she will easily level up and master the powers of that shield.
The original MC shield hero let himself get pushed around way too much. Let’s see someone actually competent stomp on all those fools.
And these 3 are now openly wanted enemies of the kingdom rather than just being humiliated by them; that already spices things up.
It would be really cool if Satoru could find a way to make a sword that is compatible with the shield that Renner could use.
At least with all their powers and skills this story won’t drag out like the original series because they can beat all the enemies more quickly.
I’ve only watched the shield anime and from what I’ve seen of the books it only gets more dragged out in the future.
With your writing skills and putting these three into the story, it could actually become exiting.

But please don’t let this interfere with your publish time of Witch and Sorcerer. That’s still by far the best. This can just be a treat every now and then.
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