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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9h c1 1matthew2033
is this story complete or is it still in progress?
14h c63 Mark Andrew
So! This is where the fun begins... whoops that's Star Wars heh still fits!
When will it be revealed as well that Harry is heir/descendant of Slytherin?
So I read this all in like 4 days.. it is nice that Cedric actually survived here. Felt underutilized in the movie.
Cannot wait for more! And when will it be published about the betrothals?
8/14 c63 Guest
Can remember if Harry is a animagus, if not he should be a dire wolf full black coat like Sam I’m twilight with green eyes
8/13 c48 RiskyWombat
Really, that was your answer to bad ass Harry in the rebirth scene, there was more bad guys. Lazy man lazy.
8/12 c43 3Charlee56
"May magic hold me to my oath".
Your translation to the Latin was wrong. The correct translation is:
"Ut magicae tene me iusiurandum".
You used "Iuramento"; you said "I swear' instead of "my oath". Latin can be very tricky.
8/12 c63 MrTurnt
Great chapter loved the 2v2 fight can’t wait to read more
8/11 c63 Varsha Geethika
This is complete shit man! Omg! What a turning point this is! I come home from my boarding school without any access to internet after 1 month and boom suddenly there is an another dangerous character called Grindelwald joining Voldy! This is a sudden turnover for me. Never expected Grindelwald who in the canon is rotting in his prison is suddenly more powerful than Voldy in this fic. I love this fic to death I say! Keep it up with all these sudden surprises.
8/10 c63 Herbert Fleet
This is a great fanfic. Your knowledge about wizarding world is unbelivable.. A perfect Harry! This fanfic does more justice to the character.. Fight scenes are greatly described.. Hope you'll do same in Harry Daf, susan, flaur romantic scenes too.. "wink wink" ;) Can't wait for next chapter..
8/9 c63 1DanDrake
Amazing story so far
8/9 c36 3Charlee56
By the way, there is no letter "J" in the Latin (Roman) alphabet. Neither is there a letter "K".
8/8 c37 Charlee56
"UT Magica Iudica Juramento".
The CORRECT phrase is: "UT Magicae iusiurandum".
Latin's a bee-yatch! And this is STILL my favorite story!
8/6 c48 Guest
Harry went down too easily.
8/5 c63 Uchicha ASHU
This is a great story. Usually when Harry is trained by founders or the like he either becomes too powerful that the story becomes boring or too arrogant that he is bot Harry anymore. But you have written this story really well that even if he is powerful, he is still no match for the true greats like Grindewald and Dumbledore as portrayed in the latest chapter.
Every character from cannon has similar traits but more fleshed out like Neville, Hermonie, etc. You not breaking up the Golden Trio and maintaining their friendship is something I am glad about.
Looking forward to read more. Thanks for this excellent story.
8/4 c4 Guest
While threatening Lucius you should’ve also threatened Draco he should’ve had Lucius pull him from Hogwarts. Personally I believe if Voldmorte comes back he has access to all the death eaters children don’t understand why he’s never kill them especially the ones who are actively fond of their family. For every attack kidnapped torture and mutilate one child. The death eaters have no fear that any of their love ones would be harmed. You can also Imperio the child to take a bomb or a chemical explosive that he could create in potions home and on the shit on their family.
8/4 c63 2The-Dark-Warrior
holy crap what a excellently done chapter! very detailed fight and honestly couldnt put my phone down till I finished the chapter! well done!
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