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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9/19 c72 Gracques is the best
This fanfic is, I presume, totally dead?
9/16 c72 Sourav768728
When will there be an update?
8/25 c1 1L0ot 09
Wow, nice fic. Interesting take on the Harry Potter franchise looking forward to seeing more chapters
8/23 c2 aktcyhbmm
"haremthis has become a joke.
do you people who use this word have my idea what does it mean to people?women who had to face ithad to become slaves; sex slaveswho didn't just suffer total disregard of having basic human rights, they had to face violancehumiliationhelplessnessthis forms of life or death. they suffered for hundreds of years because of cruel religious men.
it didn't stop, it is still happening and now they are targeting younger generation by making this word famous by showing it being used in every famous anime nd shows! people are being brainwashed.
in a way everyone who are using this word like it is isme cool word is helpingthis cruel religion who follows this horror and "people" who wants this horror to continue.
8/20 c13 Guest
Okay - krav maga is a martial art - based in the Middle East ,- Israel, to be specific. (I know of it because there is a dojo based in Washington, DC.). If you follow the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne learned it , and teaches it to his mentees. Ra'as and Talia al Ghoul learned it as well, as has Lady Shiva.
8/19 c25 2Rowlingfan
Love that little detail of hermione wearing the potter crest. Family
8/19 c11 Aiden Britton
You need someone to proof read this rlly bad
8/16 c25 5RT89
LOVED this chapter . I abhor that damn toad women and praise all that strike at her, with avations for those who do so in a courtroom. Bravo maxima!
8/9 c1 Jason King1
enjoying the read hope for new chapters
8/7 c72 Guest
Just wondering! Know you have been busy, but is this story still a part of the updates?
8/2 c30 LokiJormungard
8/2 c17 LokiJormungard
7/30 c72 Unspeakable ASW
It has been a while since this story was updated. I don't mind waiting as I greatly enjoy the story but perhaps you could make a statement of sort to let us know if you plan to continue it or if its abandoned for the time being.

7/23 c19 11Stiltskin the Story Teller
Also, umbrage means ager or discontent over a percieved offense, so...
7/23 c19 Stiltskin the Story Teller
Also, umbrage means anger pr discontent, so...
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