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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9m c46 5BarbedCaress
I'm hoping MadEye is not the bad guy.
Too easy
But if it is someone else, I haven't caught the clue.
Time to keep reading!
3h c43 BarbedCaress
I like this chapter
But the last line is pure gold!
16h c77 1Yakashama
For the first time, I follow a story with genuine hope for an update. Your writing was a bit scratchy at first—plenty of grammatical and word choice issues, but you’ve improved magnificently in all of those areas. Wonderful story! Keep it up!

I, for one, am in favor for making a whole lot of death eater orphans when the stakes have been elevated by Grindelwald showing up. Much better to do that than risk nuclear annihilation.
2/26 c39 5BarbedCaress
I like the alternate tasks
Well done!
2/25 c31 BarbedCaress
Tournament was fun
2/25 c26 BarbedCaress
I liked the duel scene
Well done
2/25 c7 george17
I take it back about being sold on this fic. This chapter showed why there are so many critical reviews. How do you not know the difference between the Romans and the middle ages? Even if you failed basic school, you'd think you'd understand how to google?

If you're from a part of the world where European history doesn't mean anything then don't you think you should google it and learn about the setting for your fic if you're changing things from canon history?

It seemed as if you had some good ideas but this chapter and some of the reviews I saw about later chapters made it clear this fic isn't for me.
2/25 c14 william.keve07
Poor sirius. I hope the truth of pettigrew comes out sooner in this story.
2/25 c5 george17
Normally I hate it when Harry gives money to the basilisk's victims because it seemed so unfair. It always seemed wrong because why should Harry be the one paying them compensation when he's the one who saved them? He deserved the reward, and if anyone was owed money, it was Harry.

The difference here is that he extorted the money from Lucius, which was brilliant. Here distributing some of the money seems right because it's the criminal who is paying everyone for what he did.

This is the only time I've read a fic where Harry arranges compensation for the victims in a way that is believable.
2/25 c4 george17
I really wasn't impressed with the scenes in the Chamber, but this has to be the very best scene I've ever read where Lucius is forced to free Dobby. I'd mostly decided the fic wasn't for me, but after this chapter I'm sold.
2/25 c77 1Laigron
Great chapter. As Czech myself i must say that for us it would probably be more like we dont have statue of secrecy and everyone are avare of magic. :D yet i have feeling you undereatimated muggle military. they have more than tanks, long range arlilery, chemical units, aircrafts, special units with explosive, special sniper units etc. not that it would made difference agaits Grindelwald or woldemort but his knight probably weapons are more powerful then what they know.
2/25 c13 5BarbedCaress
I'm enjoying the story so far.

A bit of constructive criticism.
You use 'also' too often.
Try to restrict it to once per paragraph.
Think of it as making a final comment, after you thought you had finished.

Good work so far.
Looking forward to seeing how things develop.
2/23 c57 xsoulravenx
so you have Astoria in slytherin in this chapter, but previously you have said she’s in hufflepuff.
2/23 c77 Magic21
I don’t exactly see where this is going tbh… it seems like another story i abandoned a couple months ago, who will even survive with the actual situation, for every little positive, the bad guys make it absolutely useless because they do stuff that helps them 1000x more… what is harry to do? Reanimate the legion? Find some long lostsuper strong allies? I don’t know man…
2/22 c16 agentinfinity
Hedwig forever was brilliant! This story has been great too
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