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for The Rise of the Last Potter

7/31 c63 Dragon188
I absolutely loved this chapter can't wait for more!
7/31 c63 Guest
Oki so i have read a lot of Hp fanfiction and I honestly say that this is one of the best fight scenes I have read. Really captivating, hope you continue with such excellent chapters.
7/31 c63 mike3308
It was a good fight.
7/31 c63 vitormoreira609
Awesome chapter. Glad you included Grindelwald, he is one of my favourite villains. Much better than voldemort because he has a goal that a lot of wizards can agree with, therefore a lot more dangerous too. Hope to see more chapters like this one.
7/31 c63 DarkLord24
That chapter was just MINDBLOWING dude. Best battle i have ever read about. Also, the war will be a lot interesting with Grindelwald in the picture.
7/31 c63 DrackNath
HP66 wtf man this is getting intense af! Like Gellart and Tommy boi together?! Like oh wow i am speechless! I cant wait to see how epic this story will get as more chapters come :D i await ur updates every week :3 Have a wonderful day and see you in the next chapter
7/31 c63 HAEVs Sha
7/31 c63 death390
Great chapter
7/31 c63 SCOUTgeneralETL
A great and very entertaining chapter!

Now that I have seen Fudge humiliated I hope to see his humilation again in his the trial anf also for Umbridge. Please give them the sentences they deserve. Also a good thing to see Hedwing in battle now that we have seen what Albus could and Harry do in duo I also hope to see what their phoenixes can do

Hoping to see you update this story soon and regularly

Thanks for the update and the entertainment
7/31 c63 Hiram Covarrubias
That was a very well written fight scene, respect
7/31 c63 codywhite162
Another excellent chapter! I cannot wait to find out what happens next!
7/31 c63 jmood
Great chapter. I've always enjoyed your descriptions of magical comabt.
7/31 c63 1He11spawn1804
This was an epic chapter! Can't wait to see how it goes from here; the Voldemort-Grindelwald dynamic is definitely something I want to see more of.
7/31 c63 Ski11
Ugh I don’t want to wait for the update! Good luck on your exam!
7/30 c13 1Firesparq
Classes run from last week in June... but finish a month later at the end of May? eh?
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