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10/8/2023 c61 pillpushr
How about this scenario to subdue Voldemort? When Voldemort appears in the atrium Harry and Dumbledore play to Voldy's ego by being defensive, and attacking easily shielded curses.

Meanwhile someone using Harry' s invisibility cloak, silencing spells, scent masking spells sneaks up on Voldy then uses a muggle taser to take down Voldy. While he twitches on the ground he is stunned, slapped magic suppressing cuffs on, and is silenced.

As a way to make sure he cannot come back, and poetic justice; have a dementor suck his soul out. Then Dumbledore and Harry can search / destroy his horcruxes in peace.
10/7/2023 c73 moodyboy66
Glad to see another chapter in this awesome story!
10/6/2023 c67 ixbluerosexi
while I'm thoroughly enjoying the story, you might want to pick between third person or first person typing. it gets a little disjointed when you change between the two.
10/6/2023 c69 ixbluerosexi
inconsistencyOblansk was the Bulgarian minister. was even mentioned in the quidditch cup chapter, not Russian
10/5/2023 c63 Shepard14
Chapter 6263 are CRAZY. Oh my god i was supposed to be doing something else but these two chapters had me on the edge of my seat the WHOLE TIME. Madness. Love it
10/5/2023 c7 Robert Day
In chapter 7 in the description of the history of Hogwarts, I think you mean CE and not BCE. Before Christian era counts backwards down to 1. CE counts forward from one. 38CE to 56CE. Minor point but it does interrupt the narrative as the reader pauses to think “what the hell are they talking about “. Otherwise, I am enjoying your story.
10/4/2023 c55 Apollodorus13
It would be a good idea to fuck with Umbridge by following playing with the rules like her and Fudge are doing.

Theres enough sacred 28 children to make a formal complaint about her teaching. Especially on one of their two most important years. Wouldnt be too hard to make Umbridge miserable if they got memories and reports to Marchbanks.
10/4/2023 c54 Apollodorus13
Shoulda just had them infect Dolores with Lycanthropy from Remus’s blood. Harry could sneak in under the cloak and inject her
10/3/2023 c73 Immaterium
Always pleasure to read your work
10/2/2023 c73 deathtorch
poor hagrid... great story
10/2/2023 c1 ShadowBlaxe123
This is something that troubles me about canon. When a Secret Keeper dies every body who knew the secret becomes the new Secret Keeper. Also even if someone knows the Secret, they can't tell anyone. So DH when Hermione brings the D. E to Grimmauld Place shouldn't the DE be bound by the Fidelus so he can't reveal the place, as he was not the Secret Keeper and the Trio would not have to suffer in the tent
10/2/2023 c16 Apollodorus13
Why is this moment with Mr. Weasley played out like it is? Harry gave a public interview and even Ron knew about it. Why would Arthur be surprised that Harry knew about Black? And why would Harry lie about how he knew? Getting told by the top 3 powers isnt gonna get him in trouble.
10/2/2023 c73 Guest
Great Stuff! Thank you!
10/2/2023 c72 HardierGnome
I can't believe you made Dumbledore quote Gandalf. Admittedly, it's probably his best quote and you used it in a very good spot, but it didn't feel right at all lmao
10/1/2023 c55 FicTIuNFaN
I’m on chapter 54 now. Harry Potter should have bribe peeves to harass Umbridge.
Further Ron should write Percy and ask for help/tips to pass DADA owls. Should be interesting to see his response.
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