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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9/19 c64 Uchicha ASHU
Good chapter!
Not too much happened but still a good transitional chapter before the real fight starts.
This won’t be easy for Dumbledore and Harry as with Grindelwald joining forces with Voldemort they now have both power as well as charm.
Looking forward to read how the Wizengamot session goes. Thanks for the chapter!
9/18 c64 jonahtapper1228
Solid ch. but it was a little bland, but it did leave us readers hanging with anticipation. Well done
9/18 c64 1CrimsonEmporer
hilariously you made the emergency wizengamot session my birthday. thanks for the chuckle. and I want to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with this story and the percy Jackson one you've been writing. they're both very good.
9/18 c64 WeberCode
3000 go it!
9/18 c49 Neoacoya1
That fight was... awesome. I didn't really like how the resurrection ritual was all but copy and paste from canon, but after reading this chapter I'm perfectly willing to forgive that.

I've read a lot of HP fics before, but this battle was easily in the top five I've ever read. Well done.
9/18 c64 Guest
Here’s your 3000th review!
9/18 c64 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
9/18 c64 Callum Runchman
Aahhhh can't believe you left it there like that! I bed next chapter you go through the whole series of events and don't do massive cliff hangers on each part spreading it out over months.
Still great story and looking forward to how it all pans out
9/18 c64 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
Pleased to see Fudge's ill-gotten money are going to be used for the war.
9/18 c64 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
9/18 c64 EP
9/18 c64 Mugetsu700
Great chapter. thanks
9/18 c64 Dillonga2
Can’t wait for the next chapter
9/18 c64 mike3308
I feel bad for Fudge, but know that his willingness to make amends will lead to exile rather than execution or prison.

I wish that Andromeda hadn't died.
9/18 c64 JaimonDosFendu
That was a good one, thanks for the chapter!
Still feel bad about Andy though
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